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Tuberose Flower

Exclusive Information About Tuberose Flowers

Tuberose flowers have a wonderful and sensual fragrance. These flowers are grown in the garden due to their beautiful appearance and fragrance...
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Tube Rose (tuberosa) flower
Tuberoses are the best flowers to grow if you love flowery scents, as these flowers are one of the most rich scent-producing flowers. These plants are originally from Mexico, and hence ideally suited for warm weather gardening. However, it is possible to grow these flowers in colder areas where there are warm sunny planting sites. Due to its rich fragrance, its essential oil is also used in aromatherapy.
General Info
The scientific name for the tuberose flowering plant is polianthes tuberosa, and it comes from the amaryllis family that goes with scientific name amaryllidaceae. The blossoms or flowers of this plant are funnel shaped and waxy-whitish in color. They are very popular for their sweet fragrance. Its leaves are long and slender. The tuberose is called so, because it forms a bulb-like stem underground which is called a tuber. The plant is a night-blooming plant like the other species of its family.
Tuberose flower meanings are both dangerous pleasure and voluptuousness. The mention of this flower can be found in many mythologies. In India it is called rajnigandha which means night fragrant. In Singapore it is called Ye Lai Xiang, which means fragrance that comes at night. In Cuba it is known as azucena, which is also the name given to amaryllis in Mexico country.
Growing Tips
You can buy a cluster of tuberose online or order it at your local nursery; and follow these guidelines for tuberose flower care.
  • If you wish to grow them on outdoor gardening sites, then select a well-drained soil area. You can add organic materials to improve the drainage of the soil. Increase the soil quality by adding compost, ground bark, and peat moss. Make sure you use a dry type of soil, as these plants will die in water logged soil.
  • For container gardening, preferably select clay pots and fill them with a well-drained soil mixture. You can use commercial potting mixture, but make sure there are adequate holes in the pots to drain the excess water.
  • Plant the bulbs where they will receive full sun and plant in clumps. Make sure you cover 2 to 3 inches of soil over the clumps.
  • Keep watering the tuberose generously by soaking the soil. You will see the top growth within few weeks, keep watering regularly till the growing season if there is no rain.
  • They need a lot of nutrition, so keep supplying heavy application of fertilizer in their active growth stage.
  • The flowers will appear during the middle of summer or late in the summer, which is typically after 3 to 4 months of plantation. Feel free to clip the stems to make bouquets if you like, as there will be plenty of these wonderful fragrant flowers.
  • After the blooming season is finished, leave the foliage as it is and do not do perform any trimming. The leaves will get nourishment from the sun and keep watering the plant whenever required.
  • If you spot any yellow leaves, then trim them off and keep caring for your tuberose plant as you will again get the beautiful flowers next season.
Due to its exotic and floral smell, there is a great demand for its essential oil. This essential oil is rare to find, so make sure when buying the tuberose essential oil that it is an authentic one.