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Trellis Design Ideas for a Garden Revamp

Mamta Mule Dec 13, 2018
A trellis is a framework of bars and is mainly used as a support for fruit trees or climbing plants. Here is a number of ideas on how to adorn your trellis to revamp the exteriors of your house.
Trellising plants is a great way to keep them off the ground, thus, providing them with a support to grow. If you have a garden, a trellis will be a great addition to it. They are available in numerous varieties and are made of different materials such as wood, bamboo, and metal.

Types of Designs

Fence-Attached Trellis

This is a type of trellis that is made from wood and painted in a way where it matches the existing fencing. It gives a classic look to a garden.
This is an especially smart pick if you have a tall, solid fencing which looks dull and plain from inside. So, adding a trellis to these can spice up their appearance. You can also go for a simple design with squares or curves.

Wall-Mount Trellis

For exterior walls which are a part of the patio or deck, or visible from the backyard, a wall mount trellis is the perfect form of enhancement for exterior beautification. With small and simple designs, you can instantly play up the walls.
One idea is to have a narrow wall-mount trellis installed on the pillars (if any) or on both sides of the door that opens to the patio. You can have a wooden trellis consisting of a circular frame with intricate or elaborate designs in the middle which will look beautiful when mounted on a wall.

Freestanding Trellis

A freestanding trellis is a good alternative to those that need to be buried into the ground. You can place these in gardens, patios, gazebos, or besides entryways. They are available in a wide variety, ranging from common geometrical shapes to abstract ones.
A wrought-iron trellis is a good pick, as they give a unique look to a space and are also available in amazing designs and shapes. You can easily move them from one place to another as desired. Freestanding trellises with vines on them can either be a flat-paneled or 3- to 4-sided structure. A pyramid trellis is a more popular choice.

Backyard Gate Arbor Trellis

If you having a separate gate that opens out into your garden or backyard, an arbor trellis is one of the best designs that can instantly restore the landscape. The square, arched, and simple ladder designs, are quite popular among people. You can also have a trellis lining the sides of a gate arbor.

Screen and Partition Trellis

With screen or partition trellises, you can have separate spaces in big gardens.
These are either freestanding or paneled that are buried into the ground. They form a boundary and create a separate space. You can have small or large designs according to your choice and subsequently decorate them with climbing plants that have small or big leaves to cover them. They can add a unique dimension to your exteriors.
With these options, you can erect beautiful structures for creepers that can spruce up the look of your garden. Just make sure that you choose the right climbing plants that your trellis can support.