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Tree Trimming Tools You Should Know About

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 6, 2018
Using the correct equipment for tree trimming is a prerequisite to complete the task safely and efficiently. Some of the popularly used tree trimming tools include hand saws, gas-powered chain saws, pole tree pruners, wood chippers, and loppers.
Tree trimming can be done for aesthetic improvement, and for protecting home or other properties from coming underneath the tree branches.
Be it a fruit tree or an ornamental tree, pruning is one of the essential tree maintenance approaches. As the demand for landscape designing is increased, there are professional arborists who specialize in treating the damaged trees and trimming their branches.

Tree Trimming: Safety Precautions

The procedure of tree trimming is not as simple as it sounds. There are certain tips for safe cutting of the branches. For example, the trimming site should neither be too close nor too far from the tree collar.
Look for presence of electrical power lines in the vicinity; if you spot any, talk to the concerned department and ensure that the power lines are de-energized properly. Don't forget to mark the surrounding area before you begin with the cutting task, and request bystander to stay away.
The perfect tree trimming time may differ from one tree species to another. However, spring till early summer is the ideal period for shaping most of the landscape trees.
While tree shaping and trimming, it is also important to use the right tools. Otherwise, the process may end up causing injury to the plants and self, rather than shaping and enhancing the aesthetic value of the trees.
Several tools for trimming trees are available in the market, each of which is suited for cutting different sized trees at variable heights.

Tree Trimming: Tools for Trimming Trees

Trimming the trees at the right time by using the correct tools not only enhances the appearance of the canopy shape, but it also helps in promoting the growth of the trees and protecting them against disease infestations.
Educate yourself about how to cut tree branches of different size, and the correct equipment for using in the project.
For safety concerns, wear safety gears and never proceed the task alone, but take the help of another person. Following are some of the popularly used equipment for trimming trees.

Handsaw (or Hand Saw)

Most gardeners carry handsaws for the basic garden maintenance procedures. As the name suggests, a handsaw is a basic, manually operated gardening tool, which can be used for tree pruning, felling and similar activities.
You can purchase this type of tree saw from any garden stores. For use in cutting tree branches, select the one having teeth with faceted tips all along the blade length.

Chainsaw (or Chain Saw)

There are both electric-powered and gas-powered chain saws, of which the latter is most popularly used for shaping the trees. In fact, gas-powered chain saws are the most common tree trimming equipment, which are available in varied sizes.
They are suitable for trimming any type of tree. You can select the blade size of the gas-powered chainsaw as per your requirements.

Pole Tree Pruner

Pole tree pruner is one of the best tools for tree trimming from the ground. With such a device, you can trim 6-12 feet high tree branches without using a ladder. So, for cutting small to medium-sized branches that are out of reach, use a pole tree pruner.
It consists of a long adjustable handle, a saw, and a rope. While trimming trees, the saw is controlled by pulling the rope.


A lopper is best suited for trimming small trees, which diameter measures about 2-3 inch. This garden tool is also referred to as a pruner lopper or a lopper shear.
You can identify a lopper from the long handle and a blade that resembles that of a scissor. In simple words, it can be defined as a long-handled hand pruner. Purchase the one having a carbon-steel, non-stick coated blade.


Most of the trees branches cannot be reached without using a ladder. Hence, ladder is also considered as a gardening tool for trimming trees. You can purchase an extension ladder for long-term uses, which can be used for both small and large trees. One word of caution is not to carry a tree trimmer while climbing, rather ask your helper to pass it later.
Speaking about the other equipment for trimming trees, there are certain sophisticated machinery such as the wood chippers (for making mulching wood chips). Speed saws are often used by professional tree surgeons.
Whatever be the type of tool, the most important factors are using a sharp blade and safe operation. It is always advisable to follow the precautionary measures mentioned in the manufacturer's guidelines.