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3 Super-efficient Ways That Describe How to Remove a Tree Stump

How to Remove a Tree Stump
The tree stump is what holds the tree to the ground, and is the most difficult part to remove. However, there are some methods explained in this Gardenerdy write-up that can give it a whirl!
Loveleena Rajeev
Chainsaw On A Wooden Background
The tree stump is the remaining portion of the trunk that is still grounded with roots in the soil. When a tree has been felled, it is also important to remove the stump from your landscape as it tends to sprout again and regenerate into new trees. While felling the tree and its branches is easier, permanent tree stump removal can get trickier.
Ways of Tree Stump Removal
Manual Remover
While felling the tree, don't cut at least 3 to 4 good strong upright branches, as they will come handy while loosening up the stump. Using a spade, start digging a little trench all around the stump. While doing this, turn the spade backwards and pry it against the stump to loosen it. Throw as much as soil outwards to uncover as many roots as possible. Once enough soil has been moved, use a bar (sharp edged cutter) to cut some of the roots around the perimeter of the stump. Push the bar into the soil, and move it back and forth slightly to loosen the soil and to pull the bar back out easily. Do rounds with the bar, and try to cut as many as roots possible. Keep the bar at an angle that will eventually, help it to get to the stump's center. Once the stump starts to move, using the upright branches, and heave the stump out of the soil. This method is good for small trees.
Tree Stump Grinders
Old tree stumps cannot be removed with the hand, as their roots are buried deep down in the soil. A tree stump grinder is an electronic device that is operated using its control panel. The control panel comprises the ignition and all other controls required for operating it. The grinder has a sharp blade fitted on the grinder wheel that chops into the stump. There is a hydraulic lever that raises, lowers, and moves the grinder wheel side-to-side, to cut the stump from all sides. Clear all stones away from the stump to avoid damages to the grinder wheel blade. Chop, as much stump as you can, with a chainsaw. Positioning the grinder in front of the stump, raise it a few inches above, close to its edges. Start the ignition, and lower it into the stump. Keep moving it farther into the tree stump. Repeat this process until the stump is completely chopped, and you are left with just a few roots. You can pull them out manually or with the spade.
Chemical Remover
Rotting a tree stump with the use of chemicals is another way to remove a stump. However, care should be taken while using the chemicals as they tend to seep into the soil and damage surrounding plants. As decomposition takes time, and this method relies on it, it would take at least a week before you can take the stump out.
Most chemical stump removers are made of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3), and act as the decaying agent. For people who want to hurry up the process, setting fire to the stump can also be done, as the potassium nitrate is an effective oxidizer.
Caveat: If you are opting for this method of stump removal, then make sure you keep you keep your children and pets away from the spot since the chemicals used in the removal are hazardous.
One can even hire professional services for a fast and effective stump removal. Using the above techniques, one can get rid of tree stumps and clear the landscape for other trees or plants.