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Follow These Instructions for Cutting a Tree Safely

Aastha Dogra Jun 10, 2019
If you are planning to cut a tree all by yourself, it is not entirely impossible if you follow a set of rules. Read on for some essential tips.
Despite the benefits, trees sometimes have to be cut for various reasons such as the tree has become old, has grown in the wrong direction and/or its growth is threatening the construction of your house itself.
Whatever may be the reason, if you are planning to cut a tree yourself and are looking for ways to do it, then here are some instructions, as well as information on the equipment required.


To cut a tree, a chainsaw is to be used. There are lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight saws available in the market. Choose the saws according to the cost that you intend to incur and also the length and width of the tree that you intend to cut i.e. lightweight saw for small trees and so on.
A chainsaw can be very difficult to operate if you are a beginner. This is one of the tools which should be handled only after reading the manual thoroughly, and taking necessary precautions mentioned. Getting training from a professional before operating it yourself is recommended.
One of the most important instructions is to wear protective gear such as hearing protection, safety goggles, steel shoes, helmet, gloves, and tight clothes when you are undertaking this task.


While cutting smaller trees, a single horizontal cut in the trunk will solve the purpose. However, if the tree is large, the techniques given further have to be used.

Determine the Direction

The tree should always be cut in such as way that it falls in the same direction in which it grows. This is a preference, though not a hard and fast rule. If there are other trees in the same direction that might be affected due to its fall, you should think otherwise. Or if the ground is weak, you may cut it from some other direction.

Make the Tree Lean

Once you have decided upon the direction, in which the tree should fall after cutting, trim it from all sides so that its width is reduced. Cut all the leaves and branches which you feel will entangle with the other varieties on the side. Trimming and making it lean ensures that there won't be any hindrance, and the tree can have a smooth fall.

Make a Triangular Cut

Once you have taken your position besides the tree, make a mark at about a third of the depth of the trunk. Now, take a chain saw and make a horizontal cut till the same mark on the trunk. Once the horizontal cut has been made, make another cut, downwards, about forty five degrees from the horizontal one. In other words, make a triangular cut in the trunk.

Create a Hinge

Now change your position to the opposite side i.e the opposite direction to where the tree is going to fall. Make a horizontal cut about three inches above the horizontal cut made earlier. Once this has been made, make another cut, upwards, about forty five degrees from this horizontal cut.
They should be made in such a way that a kind of a hinge is created between them and the cuts made on the opposite side in the previous step. This hinge will help you in deciding the direction in which the tree should fall.

Falling of the Tree

Continue sawing till the tree trunk cracks and gives away. Remember to move away from the tree as soon as you see that it is going to fall. Also, stop the saw as soon as you see the tree cracking.
Remember to follow all the safety guidelines when operating a chainsaw as it is known to cause many injuries, especially for beginners. By taking the necessary precautions it can be quite a safe experience.