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Top 10 Car Tire Recycling Ideas for Gardening Decor

Recycling is the best way to reuse old materials. Here are some ideas how to reuse old car tires.
Aigerim Berzinya Jun 20, 2019


One common use of tires in garden décor involves painting an old tire, hanging it up, and placing flowers in the inside area of the bottom of the tire. This is an easy way to add a personality to your garden while re-purposing an unwanted tire. Plus, it will look pretty!


Old tires can double as planters in gardens, especially when stacked. One way to create a planter is to stack two or three tires and adhere them together.

You can paint the planter if you wish and fill the interior with soil and your favorite plant to create a nice home for flowers, grasses or vegetables.

Raised Garden Bed

If you have several old tires, one strategy to use them up is to cut them into sections, align them in a rectangular shape, and use them to create a raised garden bed. Most raised garden beds are made of plastic or wood anyway, and this is a nice way to reuse old materials.

Miniature Pond

Sometimes it can be hard to repurpose large old tires. A good way to put them to use is to create a miniature tire pond, complete with surrounding rocks and even a central fountain if you can find. This can be a nice and calming addition to your garden.


The tire swing is one of the oldest tire tricks in the book. All you need is a sturdy old tire and a strong tree with a little rope! It can be a good idea to clean and paint your tire before you start to prevent anyone from getting black residue on their clothes.


A trellis is certainly an ambitious tire product. If you have two smaller tires, then you can use a rod to suspend one and keep one near the ground. In between, you can create netting for flowers or vines to grow.


Tires can certainly be repurposed into lawn furniture and could be used as the base for tables, chairs, or benches depending on how they are cut. When cut in half, a large tire could make a nice little stool when placed in a garden.

Compost Bin

Compost bins are a great feature of any garden, and they provide essential nutrients for growing plants. Creating a compost bin out of reused tires is the ultimate way to help the environment and engage in recycling.

Similar to the raised garden bin, the tires can be sectioned and arranged to make a rectangular bin for your food waste.


Old tires are a great storage spot for old gardening supplies or other tools lying around. They can be stacked up to the height you need depending on the amount you want to store. You can also place a decorative lid over the top to make the storage space look nice.


While most of these ideas have been quite practical, don’t be afraid to let your artistic side shine with the tire repurposing. You can fashion tires into animals, flowers, or any other object with some tools and a little paint!

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