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Tips on Growing Mushrooms

Sure-fire Tips on Growing Mushrooms That Make the Process Simpler

The varieties of mushrooms seen are many, and you can even grow a few of these right in your own home. Use some of these tips and watch wide varieties of mushrooms grow in your own backyard.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Mushrooms form an important ingredient in most delectable food items available across the world. Most mushroom lovers can't ever seem to get enough of them. These find a way atop a pizza or can be even cooked with a steak. There are many ways you can savor the taste of mushrooms in your regular items. The taste of homegrown mushrooms is something that cannot be compared to those bought off the shelf. Here are some tips that can help you to cultivate these at home.
Soil Preparation
The soil is the most important thing when it comes to growing plants at home. You must keep in mind to prepare the soil carefully, as mushrooms would depend upon the soil to absorb the daily nutrients required. You can even go in for some specific mushroom soil that helps to improve the texture of the soil. This kind of soil is available in most local stores that deal with plants. Generally, while using mushroom soil, you would need to create only a two-inch layer of the required soil, and mix this with the remaining part of the soil. The soil generally needs to contain high organic matter. Besides, you can even make some of your own mushroom soil at home. For this, you would need to maintain some amount of compost pile and let it stay for a few weeks till you use it to grow mushrooms.
If you wish to grow mushrooms, you would need to ensure you have cool and dark surroundings for them to grow successfully. Mushrooms are different from plants; these are a kind of fungi and need different kinds of nutrients for their growth. You would need to provide things that are rich in carbon that should surround the mushrooms. Also note that these need both oxygen as well as carbon for their growth.
Using the Spawn
Being a kind of fungi rather than a plant, not all the varieties of mushrooms can be said to be really edible. Generally, when it comes to growing plants, you would often plant the seeds or use the cuttings. When it comes to growing mushrooms, you would need to use the spawn to cultivate them. They are grown with the help of spores. One mushroom is known to produce plenty of spores. These are used to fertilize the seeds and these seeds are used as spawn to grow mushrooms. Spawns are also used on a variety of mediums that play a major role in growing mushrooms. These can be worked into the soil as well. They can be used in combination with logs or other such substances that help in their growth. Generally, it would be a better bet for you to buy these spawns from a professional, so that growing them would be easier.
Generally, most people prefer to grow them indoors, as growing them outdoors involves a lot of challenge, and requires more effort as compared to growing them indoors. First of all, you would need to look for a good location. Hardwood logs prove to be the best way to grow mushrooms outdoors. Such logs should also be placed in a shady spot. This manner would ensure you have a great number of mushrooms that grow even in the future.
If you are a complete novice to growing mushrooms, you can opt for the button mushroom, as it is easy to grow and procure as well. Use these tips and have a fulfilling time watching your efforts take shape as they grow.