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Tips for Window Boxes

Dhanashree Patane Jun 22, 2019
With love for nature, one finds even the smallest of place to beautify with plants. Window boxes are just one simple effort to this. Following mentioned are some tips for correct and adequate installation of these boxes to beautify the exteriors of the home.
With lives becoming so compact, we can't really blame the shrinking sizes of nature houses and increasing enclosures in the concrete. Don't you want a fresh blooming bunch of nature right beside the home, that sure makes a good sunrise and a pleasing sunset.
For those who love nature, space will never be the problem. If you love gardening or want to beautify your exteriors with natural options, window boxes are a simple yet creative solution. When it is a box, do not take it as a limited space with less creativity.
These boxes may sound to be blocks that adore your window with plants. But have we ever looked at possible options that can make window box planting a hobby? Most of us complain of their limitations and maintenance, the plants just don't prosper enough, or the soil drains away, or most of the time after a few days of the merry planting, they dry away.
But window box planting, if done with proper care and certain techniques, could give you more than pleasing results. We have compiled together some quick tips for window boxes with a view on container gardening, that will help you fix all your queries about window gardening.

Basics of the Window Box

Let us start from the basics, that is, choosing the container or the window box that you will be planting in. One must first decide the space that you will be hanging or placing the window box. So how to make a window box? For an all homemade feel, one can opt to use containers that may be available in the house.
You can make a good box out of wood which is the most common raw material. There are many varieties of window boxes that are available in the market today, to choose from. So you can pick a good quality ready-made window box for gardening. Fiber glass, wood and plastic window boxes are good options.
Make sure these boxes have sufficient openings for the water to drain. Make sure the style of the box adores you home, and suits the exteriors. Some of these options may be expensive but are all worth the strength and look. Plastic is an inexpensive option, but look for quality when purchasing one.
Size is also an important factor to be considered. Decide the length and width of the box, that can rest in the middle of the window or run full length across. Depending on the length choose the material, because the box must be able to balance the weight with soil and plants.
If you plan to hang the window box, there are many easy techniques on how to hang a window box. Simply grab your carpentry tools, drill holes and screws in the required area, support with angles below and you are good to hang a window box.

How to Plant a Window Box

Now that you have the box ready to be planted, it is time to fill it with some nature's beauties that will bloom and make it charismatic. First make sure you fill the box with a good quality soil. Fill the base of the box with some rough pebbles, shells or broken pieces of clay pots.
This will hold the soil in place and avoid excess soil draining with the water. Choosing a good quality soil that is specially made for containers is a good option. This soil should be good at retaining sufficient water, as these boxes dry easily as compared to ground soil plants.
Next, you add the plants, ensure that roots get correct depth and are not very deep in the soil, or they will rot. We will need to think over what to plant in the boxes.

Layout and Choosing Plants

You will love to have blooming colorful flowers and plants in the window box, but choosing the plant will also depend on various factors. Check where the box is placed, does it have enough sunlight or is it in moderate or complete shade. Begonias and railing Fuchsia, Coleus, Ivy, etc., are some shade loving plants.
If your window box receives plenty of sunlight, plants like Petunia, Verbena and Heliotrope are good options. Herbs too make an excellent option in window boxes. Also decide if you want annual plants or seasonal glories to adore.
Some of the best annuals and permanent plants are: Sweet alyssum, Impatiens, Geraniums, Dwarf bulbs, Miniature roses, Daisy, Spotted deadnettle, Riviera midnight blue, Star white, Pansies, etc. According to space and width of the box choose a plant.
You do not want plants that grow tall to block your view, so choose plants according to the window height and box width. You may also try layering the container. Choose medium height plants in the rear and plant some trailers in the front for a flowing effect.
One can try different plants in the window box for a beautiful look. Trailers, filler plants, bulbs and some tall plants for boxes can be arranged in a layout. For dramatic effect, get flowers and plants that contrast the color of window and box.
With plants that bear fruits and berries, you will attract more birds and butterflies, etc. in your window. Water the plants regularly, depending on their requirement, also make sure they get enough sunlight. Keep trimming and dead heading. Choosing plants that are easy to maintain will also help.
With this we have covered some simple tips for window boxes. Use your creativity and imagination to use these boxes in the best possible manner. For a beautiful and flourishing view, give your best to the love for nature!