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Tips for Painting Picnic Tables

Tips for Painting Picnic Tables

The fastest way to spruce up outdoor furniture like a picnic table is to apply a coat of paint. Through this article, we will give you some tips and ideas for painting picnic tables.
Rimlee Bhuyan
A backyard with rustic outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy many an alfresco party with friends and family. A picnic table is a great addition to such a setting and it makes a welcome change from the sea of wrought iron outdoor furniture. If you have a barbecue night planned in your yard, then sprucing up your picnic table with some paint will give it a more fancy and festive look. Painting a picnic table is not a hard task and all you need are the right tools for the job.

There are many ways in which you can use paint to transform a boring wood picnic table to something more colorful. While choosing the paint for outdoor furniture like a picnic table, make sure that it is specially formulated for exteriors. Hand painted furniture is a trend right now and by using various painting techniques and designs, you can create something that is modern or whimsical. Here I am going to give you some ideas for painting picnic tables.

Practical Tips for Painting Picnic Tables

Before you think of a motif or pattern for painting a picnic table, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.
  • Choosing the right paint is absolutely crucial if you want your picnic table to be durable. Wrong choice in paint formulation could lead to paint flaking off after a few days and the table would end up looking shabby and shoddy. An oil based enamel paint that has a high UV rating is one of the best exterior paint for wooden furniture. Always choose top of the line paints instead of a cheap paint. It lasts longer and gives a better finish.
  • Prepping the picnic table before you paint it is another valuable tip that you should always remember. Slapping on a coat of exterior paint color without cleaning the picnic table will cause bubbling and flaking of the paint later on. So it is very important to clean the table of any dust, dirt and grime with a clean cloth. After you are done removing debris from the picnic table, sand the surface of the table with a medium grit sandpaper.
  • Once you have sanded down the entire surface of the picnic table, it is time to apply a base coat or primer over the table. Many homeowners skip this step, but a primer will protect the picnic table from the elements and give a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Apply a good quality primer over the picnic table with a wide paint brush.
  • For best results, you should apply two coats of paint to the picnic table instead of one. Sand the table with a fine grit sandpaper after applying the first coat of paint. Sanding the table down will give a smoother and better finish to the picnic table.
Ideas for Painting Picnic Tables

Now that you know how to paint picnic tables, let's take a look at the different painting techniques that you can employ to paint it. If you are looking for an easy technique to paint the table that has a modern vibe to it, then you cannot go wrong with sponge painting. Sponge painting your picnic table in a deep color like teal or dull gold will give the table a contemporary look. Another great idea is to paint long stripes in two or three different colors. For this, apply a base color like eggshell blue over the picnic table and allow it to dry completely. Put painter's tape along the length of the table, leaving 2 inch gaps in between. Now paint it in a different color like apple green over the untaped section and allow the paint to dry. Remove the tape and enjoy your beautiful striped picnic table. You can also opt for a checkered design in two contrasting paint colors. Another good idea is to use store bought stencils in floral or geometric motif to create a beautiful pattern over the picnic table.

As you can see, by painting your old picnic table, you can give it a new lease of life. Employ any of the ideas given above and create a picnic table that gives your outdoor party a fun look.
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