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Tips for Adding an Inground Pool to Your Landscaping

Mikkie Mills Nov 04, 2019
You don't need to head to a tropical climate to experience lush gardens and gorgeous waters. You can have it in your own backyard when you add an in-ground pool to your landscaping. Even if you already have a garden, there are ways to incorporate your new pool into your current yard. All it takes is a bit of creative inspiration.

Consider the Overall Environment

Places like Florida allow all types of plants to thrive. Places like Arizona aren't so great. That doesn't mean you need to give up on your pool dreams. If you're planning your pool for a yard that has many rocks, you can turn it into a Mediterranean dream with plants that thrive in dry climates and add a green backdrop to the yard.

Avoid Anything Prickly

Swimsuits leave legs, arms, and sometimes midriffs exposed. When you, with your family and friends enjoy the pool, splashing, jumping in and out, you may forget to watch out for potential dangers from surrounding plants. Roses and cacti are gorgeous, but avoid planting them too close.

Think About Money-Saving Landscaping

If you're on a budget but want a gorgeous outdoor space, try this. Build your inground pool and keep traditional grass planted over most of the yard. Add one or two large flowerpots with brightly colored flowers at the corners of the pool or on the patio. This adds brightness to your yard without expense.

Choose the Right Roots

When you're considering where to put the pool in your yard and what to plant around, think what roots the plants have. Over the years, they could grow under and into the pool's structure, or into your home's plumbing system. Some problematic trees are oaks, elms, and ficus trees.

Get Wild Plants

Who says your plants need to be perfectly landscaped? Just choose some favorite flowers and pair them with scattered plants. Consider ornamental grasses or others that work well together when let free. Eventually, the look will be slightly overgrown, but beautiful. It's perfect for cottages or rustic-styled pools.

Deciding on the Style

Whether you want something sophisticated and chic or sturdy enough to hold up to the rough-and-tumble play of children in the pool, one thing is certain. A well-landscaped yard is the perfect addition to any home. Just look up how much an in ground pool costs, add it to your budget, and place flowers and plants around it for the perfect backyard look.