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Tips and Tricks for Caring Your Lawn

Mikkie Mills Nov 30, 2019
That beautiful lawn is a home owner’s dream. Every person needs to have a lawn that tells the visitors that you really take great care of your yard. However, it is not easy to maintain a good looking lawn. It takes work and needs you to observe some rules and tricks to ensure that the grass will grow and look great. Here are the tips and tricks.

Destroy the Weeds Correctly

Removing weeds from your lawn is the toughest job. These are pesky plants that will grow and block your plants from nutrients and air that's available on the roots of the soil. They can appear anywhere and can be brought to your yard by anything from flying birds to animals. They can also be embedded in your shoes, and they will drop on the grass as you walk
The weeds can either be flowers and seeds heads. The easiest way is to pull out the weeds from the roots. You can use hand tools. However, if they are in large quantities, or you have a large lawn, you may want to consider spraying herbicides to the weeds.

Improve Drainage

It is normal for lawns to become water clogged for hours because of poor drainage. If these issues are not taken care of, they can become a serious problem that could last for days and leave the grass dead. The water can lead to other complications, so you always need to make sure that the drainage is fixed.
If there are high levels of clay in the soil, soil compaction, thick areas of thatch, and layers of roots will all prevent water absorption. Depending on the issue, aeration will ensure that you have regular air and water flow and therefore reduce surface build-up.


For better penetration of fertilizer and air to the roots of the grass. It is necessary that the roots gain weight and grow at the appropriate rate. Aeration is the perfect way to maintain the lawn and prevent waterlogging. You can do this by making small holes in the soil at different depths and intervals using the garden fork.
Although there are machines that are specifically made to help with aeration issues. Treat the patches individually because they have different needs.


Over-seeding is a technique that has been underestimated because it rejuvenates the worn out and tired lawns. All you need to do is fill up the place with extremely large quantities of seed mixed with fertilizer. This will allow you to fill the thin and damaged areas. It will reduce the chances of moss and weed and thus improving the color.
But first, make sure the lawn is aerated, scarified, well-watered, and mowed before you do the seeding. Once you have seeded the lawn, ensure that you keep it moist enough to encourage germination, provide nourishment, and protect the seeds.

Edging and Mowing

A great mowing tip is to make sure that you get a lawn service to remove one-third of the length of the grass. How often you choose to mow your lawn will ensure that it depends on the weather condition. If the weather is cold, the grass will not grow as fast.
However, during warmer weather, the grass will be growing much faster, so you will have to mow a lot more often. Ensure that you are not mowing when the soil as just been watered because this will cause more damage. It will also prevent healthy growth.


You need to make sure that you regularly feed and fertilize the lawn. The type needed will vary depending on the weather and the soil. Most of these will have a recommended instruction for application on the fertilizer package.
Professionals recommend that you need to treat the grass twice a year, in the spring and the autumn. You also need to ensure that you are not watering the lawn too much, especially in the seasons when there is rain.