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Termites in Trees

Rutuja Jathar Jan 23, 2019
Termites in trees are actually beneficial for the health of the trees. But too many of them can be a cause of concern. It is very important in such a case to learn how to kill termites in trees. Here we tells you how.
Termite is a group of small eusocial insects that are fed on dead plant materials, mostly on woods, leaf litter, animal dung, soil, etc.
There are 4000 or more species of the termites present and amongst them, more than 10% species are supposed to be very significant as natural pests that can cause serious damage to the plants, shrubs, woods, forests, furniture, and buildings. But, to one's surprise, the recycling of wood that they do is supposedly very significant for the ecology.
Termites are generally grouped as per their eating behavior such as subterranean, dry-wood, soil feeding, grass eating, and termites in trees. They perform an important function of breaking down the dead wood from the trees.They play a vital role in the ecological cycle, as they create hollows in the woods, that become useful as shelters for the birds.
But if there are excessive termites that are near the house, it can really cause a lot of trouble, as there is always a risk that they might enter the house, and damage the furniture. Hence, it is important to detect the signs of their infestation in the trees.

Signs of Infestation

There are several documented cases of termite attack across more than 11 coastal states of the US. They are hard to destruct and hence, it is always best to tackle the problem of termites before it enters your house
Termites in trees always build a tube-like structure by using mud and dirt. They do this in order to protect themselves from the predators. To find out if a tree is infested, look near the trunk of the trees for the termite houses that are somewhat pencil-like, and brown in color.
Always remember that if there are termites, then there are chances that you might even trace several live termites on or around the trees.
As a sign of infestation, termites always swarm. This way they are very easy to miss. Moreover, they use swarm castles to exit from the trees, that looks like mud sticking on the outer sides of the trunks.
It is often observed that they never invade trees that are healthy, they prefer trees that can provide them with enough food. Hence, look for the trees that are not very healthy.

How to Get Rid of the Infestation

Termite in trees that are untreated with proper pest control, can actually kill the trees. They live in troops, the termite queen lays more than a hundred eggs a day, which actually make rapid devastation of the tree. Chemicals are the most lethal weapons that can be used to treat termites. But, it's best not to treat termites in fruit trees using chemicals.
Fruit trees can be treated using other biological fertilizers that are easy on the environment too. Here are several ways for getting rid of termites.
There are several standard termite killers available in the home improvement stores that can be very effective. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the label.
Spray 3 to 4 feet radius around the trunk of the tree. Make sure you saturate the area around the tree with the spray for best results.
There are several bait traps available too, place these traps on all sides of the infected tree.
If you don't want to use chemicals to kill the termites, then make sure you use any of the organic fertilizers. You can break down the termite mound and find out the queen, and provide them with an alternative food source.
You can also ask an expert professional who has knowledge of the correct technique, and relax.