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Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Stephen Rampur Apr 23, 2019
Maintaining a swimming pool can be a very difficult job. Here are few tips to keep your pool clean.
The use of swimming pools are common nowadays, as many people are getting them built in their homes. However, it is very important to maintain them properly to get the most out of them.
If you use an unclean pool, it can cause itching, and other skin irritations. You can choose from a variety of options like liquid cleaners, powdered cleaners, or cleaning equipment.

Surface Skimming

One can utilize a surface skimmer or leaf net to gather all the rubble.
If leaves and detritus are seen at the bottom, they should be removed using a leaf bagger. It will preclude the suction lines from clogging, and the need to often scavenge the pump basket while vacuuming. If one doesn't want to use a leaf bagger or net before vacuuming, a leaf catcher can be utilized for this purpose.

Tile Cleaning

If the pool tiles are kept clean, they will have a good effect on the overall appearance of the pool. There is a possibility of ring or scum lines being formed on the tiles, which are a mixture of oil and dust.
In that case, one can use a liquid or powdered tile cleansing agent to brush the tiles, which would certainly take out the scum. Gray sediments formed on tiles, may be removed by using a soft pumice stone or a liquid tile cleaner.
If there is a frequent formation of deposits on the tiles, there can be a possibility of some kind of severe water problem, for which one needs to examine the calcium hardness.

Maintaining the Skimmer and Pump Strainer Basket

The skimmer and pump strainer basket should be examined at least once in a week to determine faults in them.
In case of a windy weather, they should be checked more often or even daily. This will allow effective filtration, and sufficient suction for brushing and vacuuming processes. If neglected, it will lead to their damage which may even make the pump inoperative.


This procedure should be followed at least once a week, and more often in windy conditions.
During this process, one should ensure that he strokes slowly using overlapping stroking. It is fundamentally the same for all swimming pools, however, there can be variations because of divergences in skimmer or suction hookups.


Occasional brushing also plays an important role, in preserving the appearance of the plaster. If this is not done, there is a chance of dirt stains and algae formation, which can be difficult to get rid of.
It is suggested that one should brush his swimming pool at least once a week, to keep it away from filth. One must ensure that he adjusts the valves in such a way that the pumps allow maximum suction from the main drain.

Keeping the Pool Deck Clean

The area around the pool should be washed to prevent filth from entering the water.
Sporadically, the coping needs to be washed sufficiently using a hard brush or high-pressure cleaner. If the deck is of concrete or stone, small amount of chlorine solution has to be used for washing, to kill harmful bacteria and preclude infection.
Washing a swimming pool and keeping it clean is a manageable task. This can be better achieved by various pool cleaning equipment, which are easily available in the market today.