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A List of Swimming Pool Accessories to Make Your Dip Extra Fun

Gaynor Borade Apr 2, 2019
Today, the functionality of a swimming pool easily goes beyond its presence as a water enclosure, to beat the summer heat. It is more of a home upgrade that adds to the value of a property and when fitted with the right accessories, a pool becomes nothing less than an heirloom.
A swimming pool is defined as an artificial water enclosure on a property. The basic demands made from this exclusive construction are to facilitate swimming or wading, or as an arena for water-based sports and recreation.
There are many standard pools available, that do not have to be a part of the main construction. These enclosures are made in materials such as recycled plastic, metal, and fiberglass. They are fitted externally, just about anywhere on the property, above or at ground level.
Swimming pools are commonly observed on public properties such as spas, health clubs, and hotels; or as exclusive enclosures on privately owned real estate.
However, the maintenance of a pool takes more than simply draining and refilling the enclosure with clean freshwater. You need to sanitize it to prevent growth of viruses, algae, and bacteria, that thrive in stagnant water.
There are a number of special accessories now available to take care of all basic disinfection requirements, as well as add to the fun-factor associated with the enclosure.

Accessories for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool accessories are available as extra fittings. They are maintenance components that are either fitted within already built slots and spaces, or simply tagged on.
They comprise pumps to ensure that the enclosure has an adequate flow and level of water at all times. There are also automatic cleansers available, that work on a preset clock, to ensure periodical drainage and refilling of the enclosure. These automatic gadgets also ensure that the structure and water are disinfected weekly or fortnightly. 
There are special filters that not only release the desired quantity of chemical disinfectants, like bromine and chlorine, in the water, but also keep debris and insects off the site. These basic accessories play a major role in pool maintenance. Among the ones that add more to the glamor quotient, are heaters and anti-skid mats.
The heaters help the owner to achieve the right water temperature for optimum functionality of mineral sanitizers and also heat the water during the winter months. The anti-skid mats are available for use along various pool levels, in and around the enclosure. These are especially helpful in areas mostly accessed by children.
Air inflating pumps are also available to help maintain the functionality of accessories, such as floats, ride on toys, and balls. There are special covers that ensure the water is not accessed by nocturnal animals or pets. The other accessories of a more decorative nature are given next.
✦ Mid-pool lounges
✦ Pool tubes, rings and baby floats
✦ Inflatable boats

✦ Lawn sprayers to maintain the grass patch around the pool

✦ Inflatable islands
✦ Ski tubes that can be towed

✦ Inflatable beds
✦ Jumpers and bouncers for children

✦ Pool liners, especially designed, with soft and curved edges, for babies
✦ Solar covers and reels
✦ Slides and diving boards
✦ Extra steps and ladders

✦ Deck lighting and fencing

✦ Shade cloth
These fittings can be permanently built-in or assembled and disassembled, as and when required. Even though the above-ground or on-ground pools are relatively cheaper than their built-in counterparts, both the kinds increase in aesthetic appeal with an investment in pool accessories.
Majority are of the deflatable kind, to allow the owner to fold and store the equipment when not in use. They are all designed for recreational or therapeutic use and hence, manufactured as eco-friendly alternatives.