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A Bounty of Stone Patio Ideas That are Quintessentially Vintage

Stone Patio Ideas
Turn your backyard into a living room by gifting yourself a well-decorated stone patio! Easy to clean and very durable, patios are sort of 'must-haves' for houses that have gardens. Check out some cool ideas for the same.
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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Garden With Tent
"It's a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life."
― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage
Garden and Patio
What could be best than a stone patio and a cup of tea with gentle cool breeze that relaxes you in the evenings...
Hanging Basket Of Flowers
Stone patios can be constructed in various forms, styles and designs. One of the most common ideas that is used in the construction of stone patios, is the use of stone tiles. Stone tiles are simply laid down in a specific pattern, and are then fixed with the help of cement concrete. Here are a few patio designs that you can adopt as per your taste.
Stone Patio
While making a stone patio, choosing the right color and material is very important. The design of stones used can enhance the entire look of the patio. You can consider these designs while planning the patio.
In case you already have a patio and have no plans of building a new one, then adding a few elements to the patio can increase its "wow" factor! The following accessories are cost-effective solutions to glamorize your patio.
Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders
Add that extra essence of nature to your patio by incorporating a bird feeder.
Vertical feeders or tube feeders can accommodate three to six birds at a time. These can be hung from roof-tops or can be pole mounted. Their only drawback is the accessibility when the level of seeds goes down. House-shaped feeders, known as wood hopper feeders, are custom-made and are preferred over the tube as they provide protection from rain and snow.
Also, you just need to open the top of the feeder to refill it!There are many stylish designs that you can choose from. But, remember to place it at an accessible location so that you can clean it regularly. Sit back and enjoy birdwatching!
Patio Chairs
Different Fireplaces
Do you wish to spend relaxing, quiet time with your partner? Your patio is the best place. If you install a fireplace here, it will brighten up the patio and will also add the extra romance!
Outdoor Furniture
Choose from the lovely designs available in the market. Try using  electric fireplace instead of the traditional wooden ones to save fuel. Though the masonry/radiant fireplace is best suited for indoors, you can experiment by using it in the open by incorporating a glass door to it. This will help the wood to burn longer keeping the romance alive for long.
Different Chairs
Lazing around is the best pastime that most of us prefer over any other. So, how about enjoying the same outdoors, in the open air?
Modern Wicker Garden Furniture
Get yourself a cool couch, place it in your patio and enjoy being lazy! You can incorporate a table so that you can enjoy your meals on the patio as well.
Beautiful Patio
You can enjoy your evening drinks by adding a barrel table and few wooden stools in the patio. How about adding a wicker couch to the patio and getting cozy with your partner? :)
Beautiful Flowers
For those who don't have a garden in their house, planting a few flowering plants will cover up for its absence.
Cottage garden
Make your patio colorful by planting flowering plants of different colors and types. If your place is big enough to accommodate a garden, then add flowering plants to your collection of plants.Still not satisfied with number of flowering plants that your patio has?
Outdoor Swing
Get yourself a chic flower stand that matches with the patio furniture and place more plants on it! Also, you can install some poles and hang the plants from them.
Gazebo, Fences & Trellis
Gazebo and Fences
Build a gazebo over your patio, and you can use this beautiful space all year round. The roofed structure will provide protection during rains and snow.
Trellises are open structures that act as a support for your climbers. You can use these as entrances to your patio, and give it a park-like feel. Also, if you are a gardening enthusiast, plant a few flowering climbers near the trellis. After a few months, your trellis will be covered with sweet smelling flowers!
Generally, patios do not have a boundary or a wall. In such cases, adding a chic fence will act as a boundary and also double up as a glam quotient! If your patio covers a larger surface area and is located at a distance from your house, then build a wooden gazebo to give it a forest house look.
Decorating Hanging Lantern Lamps
Add some lighting to your patio by installing some beautiful lamps! You can go in for the vintage variety or for the Tiffany lamps. Remember the old-fashioned candle lanterns that were used centuries ago?
You can buy these from antique shops and hang them from poles or from roof tops. This will give a rustic look to your patio. Adjust the light according to your taste and have a cozy evening. Candlelight dinners are a passé... try out lamplight dinners!
Patio Umbrella
Accessorize your patio by adding a garden umbrella to it. Umbrella made up of different frame material are available in the market.
Table Chair With Blue Umbrella In Garden
You can go for the modern-looking, trendy aluminum framed umbrellas or you can select the exotic, rustic wooden framed umbrellas. Umbrellas made up of wood and metal mix frames are also available.
Patio Furniture
You can enjoy the natural beauty, and also have your meals and drinks without having to bother about the weather. Nothing better than sipping a hot cup of coffee while enjoying a downpour, isn't it?
Outdoor Hammocks
Most of us would like to take our afternoon naps during holidays. For a comfortable sleep, install a spreader hammock and tie it to two poles in your patio.
However, if you don't have enough space to incorporate a permanent hammock, you can go in for travel hammocks or the standalone ones. Get yourself a hammock in the patio and enjoy your nap outdoors amidst the fresh air and chirping of birds. Also, the feeling of gazing at the stars lying on a hammock at night, is incomparable!
Outdoor Patio Swings
Bring back the memories of your childhood by incorporating a garden swing in your patio.
If you have a swimming pool alongside the patio, then place the swing at the boundary of your patio and the swimming pool! You can go in for swings made of different materials like wooden swings, cane or metal swings. Also, if there is space limitation then you can go for single seaters over the normal double seaters. Garden swings are also a great hit.
You can make use of your patio in more ways than one. How about building an outdoor kitchen or a party place on your patio? A small yet well-done patio, not only adds to the beauty and decor of your outdoors, but also doubles up as the venue for innumerable parties and gatherings.
Outdoor Patio
Swing In The Garden
White Adirondack Chair By Lake Erie
Wooden Table And Wooden Chairs
Rattan Hanging Chair In Garden
Wooden Dining Tables Set In Garden Setting
Lavender Flower Garden
Flowerbed And Paving Stone
Patio Scene
Pink Purple Petunia Flowers
Brick And Stone Patio