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Stone Fire Pits

Stone Fire Pits
Stone fire pits are very resourceful and convenient if you have an open backyard, patio or garden. Here are some great ideas for the same. Take a look.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2019
If you have an empty backyard with open space which you would like to use constructively, well, a stone fire pit can be a great idea. Fire pits can be very useful if you live in countries with cold weather conditions. They are even used for barbecues or grilling purposes as a ready to use fire arrangement.
There are many types of pits that can be installed, some portable ones which can be used while transportation and some which are permanently built in the ground, so that they can be enjoyed whenever needed. Here, you will be reading about the latter which is usually made from stones or bricks.
Stone fire pits too, are very easy to build and they can be installed in large as well as small spaces. They also increase the aesthetic value of the surrounding, making it look attractive and natural. In the coming up paragraphs, we have a few ideas, so read on and take a look.
Ideas to Consider
Building pits are a very useful investment, as you can enjoy a warm dinner, barbecue or just a simple bonfire with friends and family whenever you desire. It is also one of the easiest design ideas to install in your home, as they can be constructed in your backyard, on your patio or in the garden with a little furnishing around it.
These pits are made from bricks or stones used for landscaping or gardening. These materials are very durable and they can withstand any weather conditions since these are usually outdoor pits.
They are also low maintenance and strong enough to hold the fire and they too contribute in making the surrounding warm, when they are heated. Mentioned next are a few designs which can be used to make these pits depending on the space and area which they occupy.
Round Stone Pits
backyard fire pit
One of the most common and popularly built pits are the round ones. This is because they are easy to build and look great with any background. To build one, there are kits which are available. All you have to do is assemble all the materials and put them together.
Fire pits are usually built in the round fashion, as this design makes the pit look like a natural pit, making them great ideas. When you have the fire lit, the round shape also keeps the wood gathered and together, keeping the fire sparks from falling outside.
Square or Rectangular Pits
Fire Pit Deck at Night
If you have a patio which is linear or straight, which is symmetrically designed with tiles and pavers, you can have a square shaped fire pit constructed either in the center or in one of the corners of the patio.
These look very classy firstly, because of their symmetrical shape and secondly because they give the outdoors a neat and tidy look. You can couple these pits with a comfortable thick leather couch or a wooden cushioned chair to go with the gray look of the fire pit.
Other Shapes of Pits
These pits are very easy to build, as mentioned earlier, so when you have a plan for designing your outdoors, you can simply add in the stone fire pit. Other than the regular shapes like the round and the linear ones, there can be many other patio designs with pits where you can use these shapes and sizes.
A number of modern homes, have a patio or a veranda and then further the garden, backyard or the pool. Therefore, to improve the visual appeal of this space, you can have any shaped stone fire pit, along with potted plants around it.
Shapes like semi-circles, triangles, oval shapes, etc. for these fire pit designs are some of the unique shapes which you can use to construct these fire pits. So, use your imagination!
With these ideas, you can definitely think of building one for your home as well. They are very useful and are both an investment and a luxury. So, get a great plan and make arrangements to get comfortable in winters!