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Stink Bug Control

4 Fabulously Useful Ways to Control the Population of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs, also known as shield bugs, are foul-smelling small insects. Getting rid of them is imperative as they can ruin your garden considerably. Here are some tips to rescue with some effective methods for stink bug control.
Gaurav Shimpi
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018
Stink bugs are flying insects belonging to the Pentatomidae family of the order Hemiptera. As the name suggests, they are armored with a gland which secretes a foul-smelling liquid. It is located between the first and second pair of their legs.
Releasing this liquid is a form of self defense mechanism applied by the bug to protect itself from the attack of predators. The stinking smell is also a warning sign for other stink bugs to beware of the predator. They are about half an inch in size, and gray, brown, blue and black in color.
Stink bugs are pests which you can find thriving in the garden, meadows, crop fields, and flower beds. As they are attracted towards light, they can trespass into homes thus making your life miserable. So let's find out some effective measures one can take for stink bug control.
Pest Control Measures
Though these little pests cause no harm to humans, they can damage garden crops, suck the juice from the fruit, and most importantly create a filthy odor that can drive you nuts.
Man Spraying Of Pesticide
Some pesticides and fertilizers available in the market can help. Insect repellent products can also help, but in most cases the waxy coating of the stink bugs makes it difficult for the poison to enter the stink bug.
You can also take help of a licensed pest controller who may use strong organic pesticides. Use of highly toxic substances may do more harm than good, so natural methods should be preferred.
Restricting the Entry
Restricting the entry of stink bugs is the best thing one can do to avoid further discomfort. Firstly, if there are any cracks and openings in the house, you can consider caulking. As stink bugs are attracted by the light in the house, using screens for doors and windows is a good idea.
Tinted windows can help reduce the reflection of light. Along with this, reduce the amount of usage of outdoor lights. Spraying insect repellent solutions in small amounts can also help in avoiding their entry.
Vacuum Cleaner and Soapy Water
Metal Pipe Of Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner can be a very effective tool in getting rid of these bugs. So vacuum the bugs, and throw the bag at a good distance from the house.
If this doesn't work, make a soap or detergent solution, wear gloves, and toss the bugs into it. If you find stink bugs on the outside walls of the house, you can spray water with force, to get rid of them.
Nicotine Water Solution
Put your cigarettes to some good use. Prepare nicotine water by shredding 10-12 cigarettes in half a gallon of warm water. Let the solution dissolve for sometime, then filter it, and add detergent powder to the filtrate. Dissolve it well and fill this solution in to a spray. Spraying this will poison and kill the stink bugs.
Plant Protection
Sometimes pesticides can be harmful to your crops or garden plants. So vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed before consuming. Seek help from a professional, if the stink bugs are increasing rapidly.