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Stamped Concrete Patio Designs

Mayuri Kulkarni Nov 5, 2018
Stamped concrete patios are becoming popular as they give your backyard a natural and unique look. This is a brief information on designing these patios.
Stamped concrete is also referred to as patterned or imprinted concrete. The designs in this give the patio an attractive natural look with their variety of color schemes and designs, and hence are becoming popular these days. Let us have a look at some patio designs using stamped concrete.
There are several designs that can be made with stamped concrete. Further, these design can also be modified by using a combination of concrete with implanted materials, like small tile pieces, small stones, pebbles, and make innovative designs. The designs should blend well with the surroundings, using a variety of color schemes.
It is necessary that you study your backyard before you choose the design. Check out the elements in your backyard and find out which designs and colors will complement the surroundings of the patio. Select a design that will suit the architectural design of your entire house.
The color and design of the patio should mix well will outdoor elements of your house like color of the exterior walls, roof design and furniture. It will be easy for you to select the design if you consult an architect or professional. You can first take a look at houses already having a patio and the effects that these designs render.
This will give you an idea on what type of stamped concrete design will suit your house and its surrounding. If you are wondering how is concrete is stamped and installed, then you will be happy to know that it is a very simple process. The concrete slab is poured on the patio and the designs are imprinted on the it before it dries up.


Stamped concrete patios include a wide variety of colors to be used. As discussed earlier, the color of the patio should be such that it complements the outdoor and landscape of your house. There are two methods of coloring, integral coloring admixtures and dry-shake color hardeners. Contractors use one or both techniques for coloring.
In integral coloring admixtures, the color is in the form of a dye that is mixed in the concrete before pouring it on the patio. As against this, in dry-shake color hardeners method, the color is added on the slab after pouring it on the patio and before the stamping of the design.
Both the methods when used together give a great effect to the concrete. The colors used are long-lasting and do not fade for a long period of time.

Shape and Pattern

Your contractor will have several patterns which mimic natural elements like stone, brick, wood. Choose any that goes well with the outdoor architecture of your house. There is no restriction on the shape. Go for any shape and pattern you want.

Cost and Maintenance

The cost depends mainly on the size of the patio, material used, and the pattern imprinted on the concrete. The cost for installing is less compared to the other types of outdoor plans. This type of patio is a lifetime investment, so you need not worry about the installation cost. These patios require less maintenance and occasional cleaning.
The concrete that is used is made of hardeners that prevent any damage. For cleaning, a regular garden hose is enough for this purpose.
Stamped concrete patio designs, with their wide variety of colors and patterns, give a beautiful natural look to your outdoor spaces. They require very less maintenance and are a lifetime investment for your house.