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Stamped Concrete Patio Cost

Building a stamped concrete patio is a three-step process with each step involving the use of some or the other construction material. Deriving the average cost for building this patio totally depends on the construction materials you wish to use.
Gardenerdy Staff
Stamped concrete stone patios are a great option if you are planning to build a small or medium-sized patio. The three principal advantages of opting for a stamped concrete patio are - it is an inexpensive method of construction, has a simple process of construction, and less time and effort goes into building it. The total cost is obviously lesser, than the cost of larger concrete patios that have complex foundations.
Initially, flooring tiles were principally made up of stone slabs that were quarried from stone. Such slabs were quite heavy and since they were made from natural stone, they were also expensive. In comparison to natural stone tiles, using a set of stamped concrete tiles is economical and easy. Another advantage is that these tiles are quite light in weight and are easy to handle. The total cost includes the cost of laying the foundation, setting the tiles or blocks, and the cost of sealant that would be used to fill the gaps between the blocks.
Cost of Foundation
A foundation for such a stone patio is a necessity, due to the fact that if you build the patio directly above the soil, it will become uneven and would not be able to sustain weight beyond a certain limit. The simplest foundation can be made with the help of gravel and enforcing concrete. This foundation works well for smaller patios. A ton of gravel can cost you anything from USD 26 to USD 48. The price varies according to the grade of gravel that you use. Suppliers sometimes also charge an extra amount for transport, for far off shipping addresses. Pre-mixed concrete, on the other hand is provided in sacks and about 50 pounds of it will cost you anything from USD 15 to USD 20 or more, if you choose high quality variants.
You might also resort to some heavy-duty material such as steel beams to build a long-lasting large-sized patios. You will need to hire a contractor or an engineer to get the task done, and it will cost you anything from USD 15 to USD 50 per square feet. You would also need to consider adding up the labor cost.
Cost of Tiles and Blocks
Stamped concrete blocks are made with the help of casts and concrete. These blocks are uniform and crafted in such a manner that they can interlock with each other. When you step out into the market you will find almost countless variants of such blocks. Usually, the cheapest ones will cost you about USD 14 to USD 20 per square foot. Sellers of such material supply small grids to customers, the cost of which will differ from producer to producer. Some really detailed ones are also available with a ceramic topping. This tiles may cost you about USD 200 per square foot. There are also some tiles that can be as expensive as USD 400.
Cost of Sealer
While computing the cost of a stamped concrete patio, you will need to consider one very important cost which is the cost of the sealant. This is applied to enforce the top layer of the entire patio. A can of good stamped concrete sealer will range from USD 50 to USD 100.
While ascertaining the cost of building any type of patio, you also need to take into consideration the cost of labor and taxes. The prices are different in every state and are subject to change.