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Staining Pressure Treated Wood Fence

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 10, 2018
If you are thinking of staining a pressure treated wood fence, then it can be a great do-it-yourself project. here is a discussion on how you can stain a pressure treated wooden fence.
A wooden fence gives a rich look to the house and the best way to preserve it is by painting or staining. Pressure treated wood is used for building projects as they are rot and insect resistant. They are available as pressure treated lumbers, plywood and logs and can be bought as per need.
But what exactly is pressure treated wood? Wood which has been immersed in a liquid preservative in a pressure chamber so as to increase its durability is known as pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood fence is very durable and the best way to make it last long and increase its aesthetic value is by painting or staining it.
Painting as well as staining pressure treated wood is quite easy to do and all you require are the right materials and tools. Staining pressure treated wood fence in this way will help in preventing water damage to the fence.

Deciding on the Wood Stain to Apply

Before staining the wooden privacy fence, you have to decide on the kind of stain you want to apply to it. There are basically three types of stains. Clear wood stain, semi-transparent stain and solid stain. You can choose a clear stain if you want the natural color of the wood to be seen, after the stain has been applied.
A semi-transparent stain adds a beautiful color to the wood, but still the original wood color and texture can be seen. Solid stains are more like paint and it covers the wood completely.After you decide on the type and color of the wood stain you would like to apply, it is time to start staining the pressure treated wood fence.

Cleaning the Pressure Treated Wood Fence

The next step is to clean the wooden fence with a commercial wood cleaner to clear all the dirt and debris. Allow the cleaner to stay on the surface of the wood fence for 10 to 15 minutes before washing the wood cleaner off with water.
Make sure that all the wood cleaner is washed away completely from the pressure treated wood fence. Now allow the wood fence to dry completely before you start staining it. You might need to wait for a day or two so that the fence dries completely.

Staining the Pressure Treated Wood Fence

Open the tin of wood stain and stir it with a wooden stick to make sure that the stain pigments are thoroughly mixed. Pour out the stain onto a big paint tray. Now using a 9 or 12 inch roller pad that is specially made for applying stain, roll it over the pressure treated wood fence.
Ensure you roll the roller over the pressure treated wood fence such that no overlapping marks of the roller are visible. For hard to reach areas like edges and corners of the fence, use a paintbrush. Work on two to three wooden panels at a time and once you have finished staining the entire fence, allow it to dry.
The stain gets darker with age, so choose a wood stain color accordingly. Allow the pressure treated wood fence to dry for about 24 hours.
This is how you stain a pressure treated wood fence. Wondering how frequently to stain a pressure treated wood fence? Well it depends upon the type of wood being used, but staining it once a year is ideal.
Untreated wood fence is prone to water damage and rotting. Staining pressure treated wood fence not only preserves its natural beauty but also seals it so that it is protected from heat and humidity.