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Squirrel Trapping Tips

Saptakee Sengupta Jun 18, 2019
Trapping squirrels is indeed a complicated affair. If you are not aware of the right techniques, then all your efforts will go in vain. It's because squirrels are also prompt enough to fool you. We have provided you some tips for trapping a squirrel over here.
Trapping squirrels. Sounds cruel. Isn't it? Well, not necessary that squirrels are always trapped for meat and flesh. If you want to tame the creature at home then you can set a trap for it.
If the squirrel visiting your house has been infected with some disease, then you can trap it for the purpose of treatment. When the reasons behind trapping a squirrel are benevolent, then you can try all possible means that makes it vulnerable to trapping.

How to Trap a Squirrel

Squirrels are arboreal creatures and they are extremely agile. Being extremely clever and cunning, they will try all possible means of escape. They can sense the imminent danger and know how to adapt themselves to it.
Even most professional trappers get baffled by their tricks. Therefore, prior planning is necessary before you set up a trap. We have provided you with some squirrel trapping tips that will help you in taking the action.

Observe the Squirrel

When the first trap meant for the squirrel ends in a failure, then you should be sure of one thing, i.e, the squirrel knows these tricks better than you. So what you can do is, observe it for at least a day or two.
Keep an eye on the places it most visits and also on its food habits. You can set up traps in those places where it loves to spend time. Once you know its eating habits, you will also be able to set up the bait with its favorite food.

Ensure its Safety

Trapping doesn't mean killing it. Therefore, set up the trap in a way that no danger is posed. For this, you need to buy a trap that ensures safety of the squirrel after being trapped. Also check door of the trap is not too sharp to cause injury to it.
Follow the instructions provided in the user's manual before setting up the trap. Make sure that you do not use any poison in its food. Check the trap regularly so that you come to know immediately after it has been trapped.

Choice of Trap

If you have been observing the targeted squirrel for a few days, then you have probably developed an idea about its size. Purchase a trap accordingly and make sure it has enough room for the squirrel to move. Small-sized traps are not very convenient for use as they create hindrance in their path of movement.
Also check that the door is flexible enough to lock itself after the squirrels moves in. Some good brands of squirrel traps include Havahart, Kness Kage, Woodstream cage and Duke cage. You can also collect info from internet and make a homemade squirrel trap to use for your purpose.

Catching it Live

Squirrels either build nests (dreys) in trees with twigs, leaves and branches or dig holes in barks with their sharp teeth. Catching them live means, trapping them directly from their habitat.
How will you accomplish this? Use a cage or a huge trap for this purpose. Mount it over its nest or near the entrance of its hole. This way you block its entrance and it will have no option other than crawling inside the trap.
This is probably the most reliable method of trapping. You can also use the place where it comes often for its food. Although, you need to hide your trap very, very ingeniously and most probably, will have to wait for some days for it to get trapped in it.

The Perfect Bait

Squirrel trappers say that, spreading peanut butter on the floor of the trapping device along with some fruits and nuts make the perfect bait for squirrels. The smell of peanut butter is highly enticing for them.
The moment it comes to relish the food, the trap closes. You can also experiment with seeds, mushrooms and roots of various trees. A hungry squirrel will even gorge on snails, earthworms and insects. Since you have kept an eye on it, you will definitely know what it has been nibbling on for so many days. So use the same food as bait. 
These tips are sure to be interesting and useful at the same time. If your intentions are kind, then go ahead and set a trap without a fail.