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Sprinkler System Troubleshooting Guide

Shah Newaz Alam Nov 30, 2018
A sprinkler system is one of the best ways for watering your garden or lawn. Here are some troubleshooting tips for the same.
Garden sprinklers connected to hoses have holes or tubes to sprinkle water in all directions and can be used for lawns. Before going to troubleshooting tips, let us understand its basic components to identify the problem better.

Sprinkler System

Besides the sprinkler, there are three more important components. There is a motor, timer circuit, and a valve. Now, the problems associated with these systems have their roots in one of these components.

Problem #1: Watering at Indefinite and Unwanted Times

Solution: The problem lies with the timer circuit. Multiple start times may have been set. Check the program and set only one start time. However, if you do not have proper expertise, it is better that you contact a person who understands the programming code, to check it.

Problem #2: No Watering at All

Solution: There can be several reasons for this. First of all, check if the sprinkler has been plugged into the power supply. Next, check whether the timer is switched on or not. If that is not the case then, there is probably some issue with one of the electronic components. Check the fuse. In case of a blown-out fuse, replace the same.
If you are facing this problem of fuses getting blown regularly, then you need to replace the valve solenoid. Other components like faulty sensor devices or transformers could also be the reason. In either case, you need to replace them. Also, check for faulty or damaged wires.

Problem #3: Flooding

Solution: If the garden area is getting flooded, there are two possible reasons: Either the nozzle is not working or missing, or the head is faulty. In either case, replacement is the only solution.

Problem # 4: Uneven Watering

Solution: Here, you are definitely dealing with one of the rotor problems. You must have noticed that, in such cases the sprinkler cannot rotate a full 360°. Usually, there is some problem with the head or the nozzle is not working.
Another reason might be that, the water pressure is not sufficient to rotate the sprinkler. In such cases, you have to either replace or simply split the entire zone into two parts. Before you go for the replacement, check if there is any debris stuck in the equipment. If found, simply clean it with a brush.
These were some of the common problems and the possible solutions to them. There are a lot of other problems that may arise, which have their roots in the programming code of the timer. In such cases, it would be best to seek technical expertise.