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Split Rail Fence Designs

Split Rail Fence Designs to Give an Elegant Look to Your House

A classic split rail fence brings an attractive look to your dwelling. Read the following article and get some ideas...
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
It is agreed that good fence makes good neighbors and it is also a known fact that fence is a stand apart structure that distinguishes and protects a house. But, one has to agree that fences have their own role to play, which is specified by the house owners to whom they belong. For instance, some fences are so big that they enshroud the entire house, while some fences lay there, as if they don't have any other choice! They are pretty open and sort of 'see through'. Rather than protection, these fences are built for the distinction of a property and a matte of attraction for the outsiders. Split rail fence designs fall in this latter category. They are very rustic, simplified, yet attractive kind of fence designs that you can have.
Split rail fences became popular during the 19th century. An interesting fact about the split rail fence, is that there are no fence posts used in most of these structures. The standard size of the fence section used to be 16 ½ feet, which now varies greatly. Later during the world war era, the wired border fences became a common trend, and the split rail fences were left behind for a span of time. However, they are still a popular fencing option and have seen a resurgence in the American suburbs. Cedar is the most preferred lumber for these fences. It is used as one of the most interesting landscape design options. It is important to remember that a split rail fence is not a wooden privacy fence, but it is an emblem of cozy country life.
There are three basic styles in which you can install these fences into your landscape. Installing this fence is also extremely easy and cost-effective. First one is the conventional zig-zag split rail fence, which is built in a series of specific right angles along the property. The bottom row of the fence is placed either on the ground or wooden blocks and the later rails are set in the alternative segments to the desired height of the fence. The zig-zag fence typically doesn't need any posts, but if you are planning to put livestock in it, then you better opt for fence posts. Second type is the straight-split rail post. It utilizes a set of two fence posts that are set at the interval of less than 1 foot. Wooden blocks are used to increase the height of the posts. The third popular style is the American style split rail fence, which utilizes notched posts that are placed at the end of the rails. It is the most inexpensive sort of split rail fence.
Split rail fences can be decorated further more, with the right and creative tactics. Now that you are aware about the fence designs, it is also important to understand the factors that can make this wood fence even more appealing. As we know, cedar is the most popular material which is used for making split rail fences, since it compliments all kinds of landscapes. You can definitely use split rail designs to fence your farmhouse, horse stable, livestock farm, etc. In case you are building a wooden fence for rocky and uneven ground, then let me tell you that split rail fence is the perfect option for you. However, installing split rail fence might look out of place for a property that has a formal look. Hence, make sure you are well aware where you are installing split rail fencing. Apart from cedar, you can also opt for bamboo fence, it looks unique and unconventional.
The best thing is that the cost is within the reach of an average house owner. Well, this was all that I had to tell you about split rail fence designs. I hope the information in the above article will prove to be useful in your landscape development project. All the best!
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