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Solar Water Fountains and Solar Fountain Pumps

Kashmira Lad Nov 7, 2018
Thinking of installing a water fountain? Look no further as here's the lowdown on solar water fountains and solar fountain pumps that will help you enhance your greens without running up your electricity bills.
Landscape decorations have seen new innovations and elements being devised over the last few years. Home gardening can never be complete without fountains that add to the beauty of the place. The soothing sounds of the water can help in the relaxation of the mind. They therefore find a place in one's yards, patios, or even the porch.
However, adding one to the décor also means having to fuss around with long electrical cords that run all over the place. This can be a cumbersome task and can spoil the décor of the place. One of the most popular and cost-effective solution for this problem is the installation of the solar fountains.


They have few advantages over others as they operate on solar energy. Being environment friendly, they run free of charge with the help of Nature! Powered by the sun, they do not need main wirings and operate in the night only if they have battery.
This makes them very easy to set up. The sun's energy is collected and stored via a small solar panel. The panel can be installed in various ways:
  • The base
  • In a separate panel that is located some distance away from the fountain
Built as a single piece, these can be placed anywhere in the house or the outdoors. All it consists of is the actual base function. With the worries of electrical problems being diminished forever, they take very little maintenance and efforts from the person. Even if there is a leakage, which is rare, there are no electrical connections to worry about.


The biggest asset is that they are not wasting non-renewable fossil fuels on garden décor. They adhere to the laws of nature and provide all the functionality of a regular fountain.
The only hitch in its functionality is that it cannot be used at night. Fountains are most enjoyable in the nighttime with the combined lighting effects and the flowing water. In such cases, battery operated varieties work well. It should have enough power to store the energy that can make it run through the night.
There are many varieties available. You can take your pick from cascading to birdbath fountains. Floating fountains also make a popular choice. These add to the glam factor for any outdoor event or occasion.


CeramicGet the environment friendly Ceramic Solar Fountain for your garden. A soothing ambience is created by these. Soft gurgling water helps to calm senses. Ensure they are equipped with latest technology for best performance.
Two Tier: Watch the sunlight transform this fountain into a haven for little birds. The soothing sounds and the bubbling waters have the power to attract our feathered friends. In such cases, the solar panel is located on top of the fountain. This ensures optimum performance.
Terracotta Solar:The earthy tones of this unit blends well with any kind of garden. The self-contained Duo Terracotta Cascade Solar Fountain helps to create a soothing atmosphere with the gentle sound of running water.
Some of these can even be converted into an indoor decoration with the help of adapters. The hand finished terracotta units are a popular pick amongst many.
Pool Fountain:These can be used individually or can even be placed in a pool or water garden. They are mainly equipped with a separate solar panel. It consists of a mini solar pump that creates exciting effects by sending out jets of water into the air. Therefore it's ideal as a birdbath or a fountain bowl.

Solar Fountain Pumps

These pumps help in the entire functionality of your fountains. There is a whole range available. As mentioned before, the first kind is all-inclusive with solar power built right in. Here, you simply place the unit in an area that gets sunlight.
The other kinds are useful for larger water features. These are ideal for parties where one may feel the need to add a floating feature to the pond. They are also available in different sizes and styles. Most of them are designed to blend into the natural environs of the place.
So, forget about all your electrical problems and get a solar water fountain today. Help conserve energy without any hassles!