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Solar-Powered Water Fountains

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Apr 4, 2019
Solar-powered water fountains have become a common feature in many people's gardens. A fountain is a reservoir of water which needs a pump to keep the water flowing. The pump needs energy, and energy means rising power bills. One of the most efficient ways to keep your fountain flowing is by using solar energy.
Solar-powered fountains are practical, eco-friendly and non-polluting landscape fixtures. As the name suggests, these fountains use solar energy as their source of power. Thus, you are free from nasty electrical wires running through your gardens.

How to Make One

There are many kits available that contain all the components that are ready to install. You can also select the pieces individually and assemble them to make your own fountain. The pump you choose should be totally submersible in water. It should have a filter to keep out the dirt and dust.
The next important thing is the height to which the water has to be lifted. You can calculate the height with the help of a ruler. Calculating the flow rate is a bit confusing. If the flow rate is too high, the water may gush out of the fountain, and if it is too low, it may become a stagnant pool of water and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
The typical flow rate is 20-30 gallons per hour. However, there are a few fountains which are designed for up to 60 gallons per hour. After you have determined the height and flow rate, you can choose a pump that meets your requirements.
There are pumps available which are solar-powered and do not require solar panels. But, if your pump is not, then you will have to purchase solar panels or you can even build your own.
The solar panel can be placed in different ways. The most important thing is that mounting it under direct sunlight will produce more power. If your garden is not directly exposed to sunlight, it will be difficult to run the pump at its optimum efficiency. You should ensure that there is no tree or wall that can block the sunlight even for a few hours.
Many solar panels are designed to face the sunlight directly and are placed on top of the bowl of the fountain. There are a few remote solar panels that have a cord 10 feet long. This makes it easier and flexible to place the panel under direct sunlight. The remote panels can be mounted on the walls or the stand, or directly placed on the ground.


Types of solar-powered fountains are theĀ 2-tiered and 3-tiered ones. There are many that are made from glazed ceramic, terracotta, or stone cast resin. Finishing colors of stone cast resin ones are gray stone, black iron, and bronze finish.
Slate and copper are also considered for constructing these fountains. Another popular type is the birdbath fountain. The solar panels on birdbaths are mounted on the top of the fountain so that they can absorb direct sunlight.
A beautiful sound is produced by all these different types of fountains. This tends to soothe the nerves. The fountains that are manufactured nowadays come with a battery to store the solar energy. This helps the fountain to remain functional even at night.
These water fountains create a relaxing atmosphere, putting life into a listless garden. You'll love the chirping of your feathered friends when they come for their daily baths to your fountain. Bring joy to your homes with your beautiful, cost-efficient, environment-friendly fountain.