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Steps Involved in the Installation of a Solar Electric Fence

Niharika Arya Apr 2, 2019
To keep your pets safe and restrict the entry of intruders into your house, a solar electric fence can be of great help. Read on to know more about this cheap form of safeguarding.
Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy and can be utilized in various purposes. Solar water heaters, solar room heaters, solar panels, are some of the products which are widely used across the globe.
There is one more application of solar energy which is solar electric fence. This is an economical application and is also very helpful in keeping your pets safe from intruders. Let's know more about solar powered electric fence and its advantages.

What is a Solar Electric Fence and How Does it Work?

A solar electric fence works with the help of solar energy. The fence is connected with solar panels which converts solar energy into electrical energy. This electricity is then circulated to the fence with the help of wires. The electric current is sent through the wire in the form of pulse per second.
As soon as an animal or intruder comes in contact with the fence or touches the fence, the circuit is completed and current flows through the body of the animal or intruder. This electric shock is short, but sharp.
The shock behaves as a psychological barrier and remains in the animal's memory for a long period. The best part of an electric fence is that it does not harm the animals at all but leaves a mental barrier which keeps animals and predators away from the fence.


A solar electric fence is inexpensive and can be installed easily near the house. Just gather the materials required and follow the given steps.

Materials Required

  • Shovel
  • Posts
  • Wire / Mesh
  • Tensioners
  • Insulators
  • Ground wire and rod
  • Electric tester
  • Solar electric fence charger and its complete unit

Steps to Install

► First of all, you need to plan the electric fence and look for the area it will cover. You need to consider the types of animals you are going to protect your home from as well as the size and the physical capacity of the intruders. The selection of the fence will also depend upon the duration whether you want it for a temporary or permanent period.
► Now you need to purchase a solar fence charger and accessories. Get the unit according to your need and requirement of the place. First, mark the corners and then dig holes to fix the posts. After fixing the posts, stretch the wire or mesh from one post to another.
► Tie the wires or mesh considering the height of the animals or possible intruder, an equine fencing will have a higher height as compared to cats or house pet fences.
► Now, after completing the border fence you need to search for a place where you can get the maximum amount of sunlight. The surface should be a little higher so that it can be exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time. Place the solar charger in such a way that it faces towards the sun.
► Now you need to prepare for the insulation of the fence. Dig shallow trenches and put ground rods in it. Attach the negative point of the charger to the grounding rods and positive point to the fence. This will complete the circuit.

► Now charge the fence charger with direct sunlight and check the voltage of the fence with the help of electric fence tester.


There are many advantages of using solar power. Following, are some of the advantages of having this fence.

► No external energy is required, as it totally works with the help of solar energy.

► Once installed it will require very less maintenance, and no operating cost is needed.
► Once the fence has been charged fully, it will work for approximately 2 weeks without proper sunshine.

► It is light weight and portable. It can also be moved according to your requirement.

► It is economical and durable.
So, if you are looking for a dog fence, or a secure and safe place for your pets and for your home, then a solar electric fence can be of great use. You can install it by yourself, or get it done by the experts.