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Society Garlic

Mrunmayi Deo Apr 3, 2019
Society garlic is an ornamental plant which is not actually related to garlic in any way. Read ahead the real reason behind its name, some of its characteristics, and ways to care for this plant.
Society garlic is an ornamental, flowering plant which belongs to the onion family Alliaceae. It is native to southern Africa. It blooms from midsummer to autumn, and has violet flowers that grow in clusters.
It has been scientifically termed as Tulbaghia violacea. This plant is not related to garlic in any way. It has been named so due to the peculiar smell of its leaves, which is similar to that of a garlic clove.
This plant is a morphologically perennial species, growing up to a height of approximately 2 feet. Its stalks are greenish gray in color, topped with a cluster of purple colored flowers. The flowers, initially pink in color, turn purple on maturation.
They have a star-shaped appearance and are slender in shape, with 6 petals each. There are many leaves on a single stalk. These are green in color, have a sword-like appearance, and are pointed.
If you are planning to buy this plant and raise it, you need to know what it takes to keep it healthy. Any plant species requires certain conditions for optimum growth and to adapt to an environment other than its habitat. Here are the factors to be considered for growing society garlic.


Society garlic adapts to tropical as well as mild climatic conditions but grows best in summers. It easily adjusts to severe hot climates as well as humid conditions, and can also tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degree Fahrenheit. Due to its excellent adaptability, this plant is greatly preferred.


This plant grows from summer until fall. As it is highly active during summer, it requires an essentially high amount of sunshine for optimum growth and reproduction. Hence, try to keep it in the best possible light conditions for it to bloom well.


An adequate amount of water is required for the growth of this plant. Although it can adjust to drought conditions, it still requires its share of water supply. At the same time, it is important to ensure not to over-flood it.


This plant requires a very porous, soft soil, through which water can easily pass. If you are planning to pot it, then you have to take this factor into consideration. Otherwise, loosen the soil before planting the seeds.


Since the plant's resting period is winter, you need to undertake pruning during this season. Winter is the best time to remove all the brown and dead foliage (preferably by hand), as the plant is dormant during this time of the year.
As the leaves of this plant have a garlic aroma, they can be used in food recipes. However, many people prefer conventional garlic. Society garlic does not need much attention and is flexible in many ways. It's a good option to plant in your backyard or patio. You will find it in any plant nursery and also online.