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Small Garden Design

Small Garden Design Ideas You'd Certainly Want to Steal

A small garden requires more planning and organization due to the constraint of space. Given below are some design ideas for a small garden so as to make it look beautiful and less cluttered.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
In urban housing plans, it is very difficult to get a space large enough for gardening. Hence, if you have a limited area, you can make a garden that is small. Even for landscapers, planning a small flower garden layout is a difficult task. There are many features to be incorporated while making adequate room for each.
Unique Ideas
Design plans for gardens that have limited space work better as compared to mixing varied aspects of gardening. You can incorporate sitting areas with classy garden furniture, or something that reflects your personal taste and creativity. Factors to be considered for designing a small garden are highlighted below.
Garden Layout
Imagine your small garden as a whole component without dividing it into different sections. You can include hidden pathways in between the garden for maintenance purpose. However, the theme of the layout should be such that you can enjoy the garden stretch as a whole (in one view).
Gardening Approach
The first step is to be firm about what you want in your garden. You should consider whether you are maintaining a garden just to beautify your yard with flowers or if you want to grow seasonal vegetables too, and proceed accordingly.
Garden Components
Designing a garden within a small space does not mean that you cannot erect trellis, arbors, bridges, gazebos, or other structures. They serve the purpose of separating the garden space into two parts. You can plant vines and flowering climbers to give a completed look or make flower beds at different levels.
Selection of Plants
Think carefully while selecting the type of plants for your landscape. You cannot accommodate all the plants that you love to grow. Hence, pick the best of your choices considering the required care level and adaptability of the plant in your area. Make sure that the flowers bloom for at least two seasons.
Pattern of Color
While selecting plants for your garden, factors such as the plant height, growing conditions, blooming period, and maintenance should be taken into consideration. Instead of going for a blend of vibrant colored flowers, go for light colored ones, as this will make your garden space appear larger than it actually is.
Design Ideas
Include a water element, or if possible, make curved flower beds for creating diversity in a plain-looking garden. You can place ornamental rocks at the borders to improve the texture of the yard. A perfectly maintained hedge with evergreen shrubs and bushes will give privacy to you and your family members.
The plus point of a small garden design is that you can pay close attention to your garden, while spending less efforts in maintaining it. You should be watchful over the flowers, and remove those that do not survive well. So, implement these ideas and convert your garden into a great space that you'll love visiting and revisiting.
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