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Shade Garden Plants

Maya Pillai Apr 23, 2019
Having shade garden plants is an ideal option for a garden that is bordered by tall trees. However, there are a few things that you need to take into account before planning such a garden, like type of shade and soil texture.
The term 'shade' has many variations in gardening. It could possibly mean a dimly lit area beneath tall trees, a bright but a non-sunny spot, or an area that gets sunlight for a few hours in the morning and shade for the remaining day.
There is a wide variety of plants that have been categorized as plants fit for a shade garden. A well-landscaped shaded garden has a charm of its own. So, choose flowering plants that grow well in the shade.
The bloom color of each should complement the other to harmonize the appearance of the garden. This type of garden provides a cooling and soothing effect on one's eyes in summer. Landscaping plays a prominent role while developing one.
There are two types of shades- partial and total. This is an important criterion to choose the plants according to degree of the shade. The soil-texture of the area should also be considered. It could be either damp or dry. You need to prepare the soil before planting. You can mix mulch with it to create a perfect soil texture. 
Like the plants that grow in sunlight, the shade-tolerant ones also require regular watering. If you are planning a garden under the tall trees, remember, the trees would guzzle all the moisture leaving very little for the plants. Hence, it is wise to water them regularly or depending on the basis of the soil-texture.

A Few Shaded Plants

You need to understand the degree of shade of the site you have chosen. Choose your plants accordingly. It is always better to choose those that match the conditions of a proposed site, instead of changing the pre-existing conditions. Here are some that are known to thrive in a shaded garden.


This plant is ideal for partial shade. The blooms of the monkshood would last for a couple of months. This plant is pest and disease resistant.


Fern is one those plants that is widely used in shade gardening. It has a unique appearance and grows well in all degrees of shades.

Golden Dead Nettle

This is one of those plants that would make a wonderful ground cover. It would make an ideal border plant for the garden. Golden Dead nettle is one of the preferred plants for container gardening.

Japanese Yew

There is a wide variety of colors in Japanese yew. It is mostly used as a foundation plant and would also make an excellent border hedge. It is commonly used in rock gardens.

Turk's Cap Hibiscus

This plant blooms in summer and autumn. It is a perennial in nature and would make an ideal plant for shade gardens. The bright-colored flowers attract butterflies and small birds, such as hummingbirds.

Wood Anemones

This is one of the perennial plants that grow well in shady areas. The blooms are star-shaped and are known as sepals. There are two types of blooms- white and blue-colored.
Shade gardening is one of the many types of gardening techniques that is in vogue. Some of the plants that are preferred by gardeners for it are lily of the valley, bunch berry, shooting star, forget-me-not, and many more.