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Rustic Outdoor Shower Designs

Mamta Mule Oct 28, 2018
Working on the design of an outdoor shower? Well then, you must checkout a rustic theme for the same. Here are some ideas on rustic outdoor shower designs, which you can consider implementing and have an eye-catching structure ready to grace your exteriors!
Outdoor showers are amongst the most appealing elements of a home. If you are planning to install one such shower inside your fence, then the options are plenty. Well, the shower need not showcase the style and features of your interior decor. You can design it in a unique manner and give it a soft feel that blends well with the surroundings.
A rustic style is something that you can't miss out while designing the shower space. A shower with a rustic appeal that rightly blends with nature and looks pretty attractive is definitely a perfect addition to your house.
So, here are some ideas on some rustic outdoor shower designs, which you can read about and use for designing a beautiful shower space outside your house.

Designs to Choose From

Go through these various designs, and I am sure that you will get impressed with their versatility. These designs have a classic feel that does not fade away with time. Flashy structures might look boring and overdone after a certain period of time, but rustic structures rarely lose their appeal.

Open Shower Structure

Well, when you look for rustic designs, open showers are quite popular. A single stand-alone structure which works as a shower panel with a large shower head makes a good shower, if privacy is not an issue.
A wooden rod or a wide wooden panel will be used for attaching the basic shower fixtures. Further dark and large tiles can be installed around the rod to create a base area for standing under the shower. Place 2 - 3 rocks besides the tiles, and a simple, yet classy rustic shower space is just ready.

Rustic Enclosure

Having a closed shower enclosure made of wooden planks installed one besides another, is a good idea, if you need to maintain that privacy element. You can opt to use planks of quality wood or tall wooden logs which will not get damaged in any weather.
Further, keeping it open from the top is a good idea to enjoy the skylight while taking a shower. You can customize the interiors according to your requirements. Add tarnished or copper towel rods, hanging knobs, and shower fixtures that will further add to the rustic feel.
You can add a mirror with a wooden frame and also have a simple wooden light fixture installed inside this enclosure. Design and place this structure in such a way that you need not add a door or curtain to the same. Wooden logs can be used to beautify the interior of this structure.

Classic Combo

If you want to have a rustic-styled enclosure that consists of much more than wooden planks and logs, then just add some pebbles to the same. A mix of wood and pebbles is sure to create an amazing shower space, where you would love to relax.
Go for wooden walls and a wide wooden shower head, with the flooring made of pebble inlays. You can also have a background wall made of pebbles, and install a wooden shower panel on the same. Make sure that you do not overuse the pebbles. Again, opt for fixtures with a bronze and copper finish to maintain that rustic effect.
Many rustic styled accents can be added to the shower area so as to complement the theme. Waste baskets, fake flowers, wooden bench, candles and candle holders, tall flower vases, lamps, and many such pieces can be chosen to convert your shower space into a relaxing space, which has a soothing effect.
With the aforementioned ideas, you can definitely have a great looking space constructed to enjoy a shower in your outdoors. Make sure that you hire an experienced professional for this task. The drainage system and plumbing must be done in a proper way.
Drawing a rough layout of how you want the interior and exterior design of this structure to appear will be helpful for the professional, so as to suggest more ideas and changes in the same. All the best!