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How to Make a Rotating Compost Bin

Suketu Mehta Mar 12, 2019
Having a rotating compost bin in your garden has numerous benefits. Read ahead and learn how to build one to enjoy its advantages.
Considered one of the ancient methods to prepare fertilizers, composting is a biological method, wherein microorganisms decompose organic material to form compost. This process is completely natural, though human beings can surely help to quicken it. One such way is to build rotating bins.
Such a bin can be easily made and paced in your garden, where you can constantly prepare natural fertilizers. When the bin rotates, it ensures that all contents are properly mixed up inside, thereby facilitating easy decomposition of the organic waste. It also maintains a higher temperature inside for preparing compost fast.
Ideally, it should take you about three weeks to prepare it. Given further are some instructions on building one, and preparing natural fertilizers at will, for plants in your garden.

Materials Required

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • 6 Wooden Boards of 4 feet in length
  • Screws
  • Drill Machine
  • Measuring Tape
  • A Beer Keg or 55-gallon Barrel
  • A Galvanized Pipe
  • Hinges
  • Saw
  • Latch
  • 4 pieces of Nuts and Bolts

Building Procedure

Building a rotating compost bin has two processes: making framework, fixing the bin on it. Let's start with framework.
  • Framework is made of wooden boards. Place two 4 ft. long boards, on top of other, in the shape of "X". Fix a nail in the middle of the point, with a hammer where boards overlap. Having the nail in center gives ample space to fix the bolts.
  • Now, use a drilling machine to make two holes, one on each side, at the place where you hammered the nail. Put in a bolt into each of these holes, and tighten them by fixing nails at the ends. You will now need to use two more wooden boards, and attach them in the same manner as you did previously. These will form the stand for your bin to be placed.
  • Pick up both the X-shaped stands and erect them on the ground. Keep a distance of four feet between both of them. Now, measure 4 inches from the ground on the stands, and mark the spot on every leg of the framework. At these markings, you will need to join two 4 ft. boards, between both legs of the X stands.
  • Since your framework for the compost bin is completed, you will now need to start preparing for the bin itself. Use the 55-gallon barrel of beer keg for this. Determine the center of the barrel, after measuring it from both ends. At this middle portion, make a hole, one inch in diameter, using a drill machine or saw.
For the purpose of exposing the contents in the bin to air, make four more holes along the edges on the outer side of the barrel. Pass a pipe through it horizontally, extending out at each end. Fix this barrel between the two stands of your framework.
  • You need to cut an opening for the barrel. At its center, make an 8x8-inch marking, and use a saw to cut out that part. Now, you have the space to make a door for the bin. Install door hinges along the upper edge of the square and along the edge of the door piece you are fixing. On the lower edge, attach a lock for the door, strong enough to hold the door.
Thus, building it is very easy, and it has great potential benefits. You can prepare quick manure of excellent quality all the time, at virtually no cost, thereby ensuring your plants get necessary nourishment and grow well.