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Rose Flower Facts

Facts About Roses, Flowers That Beautify Gardens And Rule Hearts

Rose is a beautiful flower that represents fragrance, beauty and love. There are a lot of facts that are to be known in understanding more about the rose flower. Gardenerdy attempts to provide with some of the lesser known facts about it in this article.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
The different species grouped under the family, Rosaceae and genus Rosa are the rose flowers. A variety of color shades from yellow to red can be found in rose flowers. Out of the total 100 species, most belong to Asia and a few of them originate in Europe. Just not the shades of flowers, the size of rose plants too vary greatly. There are miniature as well as climber varieties of rose. The word rose, originates from Latin word, rosa. Let us obtain some useful and interesting facts about rose flower through this article.
Facts about Rose
In the year 1986, rose flower was declared as the national flower of USA. Petals and hips of the rose flowers hold great importance in the preparation of medicines. Rose hip is the fruit of this flowering plant. It contains lots of nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. The other nutrients contained in rose hips include pectin, bioflavonoids and beta-carotene. The antioxidants present in the fruit help strengthen the immune system.
Anatomy of a Rose Flower
In many ways, the rose flower is different from that of a standard bloom. The rose flower possesses several ovaries as opposed to the single one of standard blooms. Ovaries are positioned in a cup-like structure called hypanthium. Leaves of the rose plants are borne alternately on stems. These 5-15 cm long leaves possess a serrate margin. The petals of rose flowers are typically five in number. However, the hybrid ones have a greater number of petals. With the male and female reproductive parts present in the same flower, it is amongst the perfect flowers.
Sepals and Petals: The sepals and petals are actually the modified leaves of rose flowers. The protective leaves which wrap the buds of rose flowers are known as sepals. As development of the flower takes place, petals begin to unfurl. This process leads to sepals turning backwards. The color and fragrance of petals help in attracting pollinating insects.
Stamens: The stamen is formed of male reproductive parts. Filaments which constitute the stamen have anthers at their tips. Pollen grains are present inside these anthers. Pollen grains of rose flowers are yellow in color.
Pistils: Female reproductive part of the flower is known as pistil. A long stalk (style) and stigma that is present at the tip are parts of pistils. The stigma is characterized by sticky parts where pollen grains get collected. The style is a hollow tube and ovaries are present at its bottom.
Hypanthium: The bulbous and green colored basal part of rose flower is known as hypanthium. This part of the flower is formed by the fusion of petals, sepals and stamens. A flat disk shaped structure present on top of hypanthium is the base of stamen.
Let us have a look at a few more rose facts mentioned in the following points.
  • Cultivation of roses first took place in China around 2,000 years ago. Later on, the cultivation of this flower began in India, Middle East, Persia and Europe. The activity of pruning roses is important in the process of cultivating them.
  • Making perfumes with roses is one of the important industries in today's times. The rose oil (Attar) used in making perfumes is prepared by crushing and steam distilling the rose petals.
  • From ancient times, the rose flower has been associated with the attributes of beauty and love.
  • The rose flower has been associated with mythologies, superstitions and legends. This flower is said to symbolize silence. There is a superstition that rose flowers if thrown in fire bring good luck.
Wild Rose Flower Facts
The wild rose which is also known as prickly rose can grow up to 15 meters tall. As the name suggests, these flowers have characteristic prickly stems. The different species of wild roses are as follows: Rosa acicularis, Rosa blanda, Rosa arkansana and Rosa carolina. The petals of flowers are pink colored. Five petals of this kind of surround yellow colored center. These roses grow in areas with medium elevations including rocky slopes and open forests. The flowers of wild roses bloom in the month of June.
The article presented a few important facts about rose flower. One should be able to understand the anatomy and other features of this beautiful flower through information given in this article.
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