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Rose Color Meanings That'll Help You Express the Right Feelings

Rose Color Meanings
Roses grow in a variety of colors. The color of a rose is significant when you give it to someone.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet."
- William Shakespeare
While the name does not matter (according to Shakespeare), the color of the rose is very important in expressing emotions. It is for this very reason that when Troy gave his new girlfriend, Joyce, a black rose, she was confused. He gave it to her because it was unique. However, he did not pay attention to the meaning of black rose and its symbolism. I don't really blame him, ignorance about the meaning of different rose colors can be a barrier in expressing feelings.
What Does a Single Rose Mean?
"One rose says more than the dozen." - Wendy Craig

No one can deny the beauty of a single, long-stemmed rose. Whatever its color may be, the beauty will captivate the biggest non-believer. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to give someone a rose, check out the meanings and significance of varied colors of this flower right here, before you take the leap!
white rose
The color white stands for purity. So, a white rose represents peace and purity. If you wish to mend your ways and reconcile a fight, give the person a white rose. Not only does the sight of a white rose makes one smile, it also gives the message of reconciliation.
red rose
It is common sense to know that a red rose is a gift of love and attachment. Since it is not that easy to confide your love, a red rose also stands for honesty and courage. More so, we cannot forget, that with love comes passion. The red rose also stands for deep passion and longing for the person you love.
dark red rose
Dark Red
If you wish to make someone aware of the fact that they are naturally and most unconsciously beautiful, give them a dark red rose. If you receive this rose, take it as a strong compliment, after all, not everyone can look beautiful without even trying, right?
yellow rose
Two kinds of people will give you a yellow rose. Firstly, if it is a friend, then you can be assured that it most probably, stands for friendship, respect, and joy. However, if it is given by a person you don't trust completely, it could stand for jealousy as well. It is the classic two-faced color. It can be very deceptive because of its contradictory meanings.
lavender rose
Lavender/Purple/Dark Purple
Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, if you receive a dark purple rose from someone, understand that he/she has fallen in love with you at the very first sight. It is given to express that your presence is as enchanting as an angel.
black rose
While a black rose is very intriguing and unique, it actually stands for protest or death. Hence in history, several rebellions began with the gifting of a black rose. That is probably the reason it was wrong for Troy to give his girlfriend a black rose, right?
blue rose
A blue rose is given to show support and faith. Like, when a person is setting out on a new and adventurous journey, he/she is given a bunch of blue roses for luck and support. Blue-colored roses also make good gifts for newlyweds, as they embark upon an adventurous journey of married life!
orange rose
An orange rose stands for fascination and desire. Giving someone an orange rose shows that you find him/her interesting.
pink rose
A light pink rose symbolizes innocence, sweetness, admiration, and sympathy. A dark pink variant means appreciation, recognition, and gratitude. Pink ones denote grace, elegance, gentleness, happiness, and even romance.
peach rose
A peach-colored rose represents modesty. The delicate color denotes purity, innocence, genuineness, peace, and harmony. This rose is often used to express gratitude, sympathy, and even friendship.
green rose
A green rose symbolizes growth and energy. The color represents fertility, opulence, harmony, rejuvenation, renewal of life, etc. So, these roses are often gifted when one starts a new life. Green rose bouquets are also ideal for wishing good health or fast recovery.
What Does a Bunch of Roses Symbolize?
The meaning of different colors of roses may differ when they are given as a bouquet. While a bunch of roses is always a visual treat, it is also important to know their meanings to express the right emotion.
white and red roses
When a bouquet of white and red roses is given, it gives the message of unity. It helps the receiver know that the giver wants to establish camaraderie between the two.
mix color roses
Giving a bouquet of many roses shows intense attraction. More so, if it is a bouquet of thornless roses, it shows care and concern as well.
dead roses
Dead roses show dead relationships. As such, a very subtle way of breaking a relationship, would be to give a dead rose.
yellow, red and white roses
Yellow, red, and white roses give the message of flawless harmony. This is the reason why these roses are used very often by those involved in partnerships. More so, in marriages, both partners should know the meaning of this type of flower arrangements. It would make the fights much shorter, don't you think?
yellow, red roses
Yellow and red roses look great together. Such a bouquet stands for celebration and happiness. So, if you want someone to know that you are happy for his/her happiness, send them a bouquet of red and yellow roses.
bouquet of roses
A bunch of rose buds indicates that the receiver is youthful and gorgeous. This would make a perfect gift for a woman hitting her sensitive age (the age she fears hitting). More so, rose buds are way more fabulous than bloomed ones, right?
If you want to propose marriage to your lady love, the most romantic way of doing it would be to entwine two differently colored roses. Any color, other than black, would do. Women would love this act of romance. But again, make sure she reads this article before you try this method to propose.
Rose Color Meaning Chart
To summarize the meanings of different rose colors, here is a chart for quick perusal:
  • Red - Love, honesty, bravery
  • Dark Red - Unconscious beauty, passion
  • Yellow - Friendship, joy, respect, jealousy
  • White - Peace, purity, innocence, humility
  • Lavender/Purple/Dark Purple - Love at first sight, enchantment
  • Black - Protest, death, sorrow, farewell
  • Green - Fertility, energy, rejuvenation
  • Blue - Support, faith, mystery
  • Orange - Fascination, desire, enthusiasm
  • Peach - Modesty, genuineness, harmony
  • Pink - Joy, sweetness, admiration
Apart from the color, the number of flowers are also significant, when it comes to their meanings. While a single rose represents utmost love and devotion, two roses of different colors are often used for proposing marriage. A bunch of six roses indicates a need to be loved; whereas 13 roses stands for a secret admirer. So, get up and visit the nearest flower store now. I am sure there is somebody waiting to receive the right-colored rose from you! This is where I sign off! All the best.
White rose on Brown background
White roses bouquet
Vibrant rose bouquet of varying shades of pink
Orange Rose bloom
White rose on wet floor
Very old book with dark red rose
Wet yellow rose
Orange rose with heart
Orange rose in bloom
Bunch of roses
Rose On Notebook
Peach Rose
White Rose
Yellow Rose For Texas
Rose Flower On Valentine
Red Rose
White Roses With Tag
Red Rose With Buds
Red Rose
Yellow Rose
Pink Rose Cluster
Beautiful Yellow Rose Flower In Garden
Yellow Roses
Orange Rose
Yellow Rose
White Rose
Red Roses
Beautiful Yellow Roses In Vase
Single Beautiful Pink Rose
Two Pink Roses
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose
Pink Rose Flower
Pink Roses
Red Pink Rose
Pink Orange Rose In Hand
Beautiful Red Rose
Red Roses
Yellow Rose
Red Rose
Yellow Rose