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Retaining Wall Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Sep 23, 2018
Retaining walls look very beautiful when accompanied with landscapes and flowers in your gardens. Take a look at some of the ideas for you to choose from.
A retaining wall is defined as a stone structure that holds back soil and rocks from interfering with building structures or public areas, such as roads and open spaces. They look like small dams that hold back the soil from eroding and provide a support to the vegetation that is planted on it.
Retaining walls are made of bricks, stones, vinyl, steel and timber. There are very easy ways to build them and are presentable in gardens and patios as well. You can give them absolutely any kind of shape and size, and make them in any landscaping area of your choice. They are also quite inexpensive to build.
Retaining walls are built to retain soil/water from the desired location giving a neat and organized look. These walls can be made for gardening purposes and protection. There are many designs that people go for while building these walls for their backyards and gardens. Take a look at some ideas which you can choose from if you are planning to get one.

Garden Wall

Gardens are the best places to build landscapes and beautify them with natural ideas. You can make patios if there is not much space for a garden as well. Building retaining walls in these locations can definitely serve a lot of purposes.

Tree Trunk Sidewalls

You can build stone-and-brick retaining walls to make tree trunk boxes. They look attractive in a circular manner around the tree trunks. They make the garden look systematic and organized when there are walls built only around the trunks. Along these trunk boxes, you can plant smaller flowering plants and make the walls look stylish and beautiful.

Raised Flower Beds

Building flower beds inside these retaining walls making them modular can also serve as a great idea. You can have flowers like tulips, roses, and lilies to add color to the garden and make the walls look bright and stunning.
For these modular walls, you can use versatile materials, like garden stone or simply large bricks, which do not need to be polished or colored. They look rustic and add to the glow of the garden.


You can build these walls in a patio if you do not have a garden or if your balconies are smaller in size. Retaining walls for patios are usually built with timber or faux stones made from molded concrete. These materials are easy to build and remove whenever needed, and they also look elegant and stylish.
Garden stones and heavy stones are often not preferred for patios as there is a lot of grounding problem, and patios are already built-in landscapes so they may spoil their look.

Wood Wall

These walls are mostly built to keep the roads and houses in the cities safe from flood waters. They are built around edges of rivers and water bodies that flood and are used in gardens, on patios and many more landscaping designs.
Since wood goes best with outdoor decor, the best idea to build retaining walls is to make flower beds in the patios with these edges.
Other useful idea is to build them to prevent soil erosion and landslides. They were originally built for these purposes, but found new concepts of decorations and designing in garden interiors. Steep slopes with mountain rocks on the tops can be edged and prevented from falling to the roads and highways with the help of retaining walls.
With these ideas, you can definitely improve your backyards and gardens with the best of decors. Give your garden an elegant look with retaining walls as they not only look good but are also very useful.