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Tips for Resurfacing Concrete Patio

Shashank Nakate Nov 5, 2018
Resurfacing patios help in giving old ones a pleasant look and most importantly, increase their life. Different materials ranging from tiles, wood slats, and stones are used in this process.
Today, there are many different options available for resurfacing patios that have either become old or have undergone wear and tear. This process helps in giving it a brand new look. Before undertaking this activity, one should check whether the cracks are considerably big or not.
If hairline cracks have developed, then resurfacing is an option to be considered; otherwise it is better to build a completely new one.

Options for Resurfacing

This process can be carried out with the help of a variety of toppers mentioned ahead:


Before using concrete slabs, the old patio is washed thoroughly with a power washer. The new slabs need a wet surface to bind nicely with it. It can be spread with a masonry trowel. Using a broom across wet slabs makes them slip-resistant.

Deck Tiles

Modular deck tiles are used to resurface concrete patios in effectively. These tiles can be laid easily without any expert guidance. Furthermore, these tiles don't stick to the surface permanently and can be removed, whenever the need arises for the same.
This is because the tiles are just placed over the patio without applying any kind of adhesives. Ceramic or slate tiles can also be used for installation as they add beauty to the patio. However, care should be taken to check whether there aren't any gaps in the concrete slabs. If these gaps enlarge with time, the tiles laid above them may get damaged.
Different tiles have varying degrees of resistance to water and temperature. The tiles made of ceramic and terracotta tend to crack at low temperatures. Highly glazed tiles do provide a smooth surface to the patio; however, they can get very slippery when wet.

Wood Tiles

Wood tiles are installed with the help of wood bearers. Screws or nails are used to fix the tiles to the bearers. The nails should be checked for corrosion. The problem with installing these types of tiles is that the bearers might get affected due to premature rotting.
Wood slats are the new type of tiles used nowadays. These slats are fixed into a plastic mesh. The plastic base helps in the easy drainage of water and is also useful in connecting tiles to each other. The connection can be made with the help of clips. Nowadays, inbuilt connectors are used for connecting them.

Stones and Clay Pavers

The use of stones like granite makes the patio attractive. Along with granite, other stones like slate and sandstone are used too. The cost of installation; however, rises if these stones are used. Clay pavers are used to counter the problem of frost.
Finally, resurfacing should be done considering the budget. The process is carried out in order to improve the usability of the patio. Any kind of decoration done for improving the look might increase the cost. Thus, this activity should prove to be useful and cost-effective at the same time.