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Residential Backyard Playground Equipment

Bhakti Satalkar Oct 9, 2018
You want your child to play outdoors, but do not know what to do for the same, right? Well, a playground at the back of very own home is a good option. There are a variety of residential options available in the market, which can help you convert your backyard into your very own private children's park!
The backyard of your house can be made into an enjoyable place for children's recreational activities which will give your children some fresh air, bonding time with friends and family, and the necessary physical exercise that will make them strong and agile.
It's not always possible to take them to parks in the city. However, with proper equipment, a park can be created at your very own residence. It's not necessary to have big spaces as these can be installed in the small backyards too.
Residential playground equipment are available in wooden, metal, or plastic variety. The metal variety is believed to be stronger and sturdier than the other two. Most of them are also available in the do-it-yourself patterns so assembling them is not a problem.
They normally have instructions along with pictures to help in assembling the parts. They can be built by adding one equipment at a time. As there are many options available to join two different sets, this is a feasible option. It's easy on the pocket and at times also available in re-sale.


The swing is the most loved playground accessory. It is a favorite with the young and the grown-ups alike. It can be made either of wood or metal. Children like to spend a lot of time on it. There are also specialty swings available in the market.
They are similar to the regular ones; however, have certain attachments like spring swing, cyclone seat, twizzler, fun ride, etc., added to them. The cyclone seat, for example, rotates like a cyclone. The rope-of-fun ride is attached to two poles or two trees.
The child can travel from one end to the other by holding the fun ride. The other option to the regular swing is the tire swing. In this type, the wooden or the plastic plank is replaced with a tire.


There are combo playsets available as well. These help in building huge residential playgrounds, where children from multiple houses can play together. Two different sets of equipment can be joined together using a crawl tube.
This tube is especially useful in case of small children so that they are able to play, with the taller attachments, with ease. It helps them move from the smaller one to the larger one safely. The crawl tube is normally used to connect two structures made of wood.


An outdoor bridge helps connect two wooden playground equipment. Due to these bridges, additional play space is available. The area available is as large as a tree house.
A number of additional structures can be attached to these bridges. A rock wall, an extra slide, or a fireman's pole are the attachments one can make.

Molded rock holds

These can be added to the residential playing fields that enable children to enjoy a simulated rock climbing experience. This can be done outdoors as well as indoors if space permits.

Tree house playset

This is another residential playground equipment. It can be expanded as per the need. A number of accessories can be attached to it. It can be expanded by adding new floors to it. Many times, lofts and sun decks are added. Due to the expandable nature, the tree houses are an all-time favorite with the children used to play all through the year.


These are also a favorite with the children. It not only keeps them entertained for hours, but it also is a good source of exercise. It is also available in the inflatable option. The inflatable ones can also be used indoors, especially during winters.
With so many options available for residential backyard playground equipment, it's easy to keep the children occupied. This will also help develop their interest in exercising without allowing you to force them for doing so. The games also help the children to stay alert and increase their concentration power.