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Raccoon Repellent

4 Easy Raccoon Repellents to Keep Those Pesky Thieves Away

If you're being bothered by a raccoon infestation, then your only hope is to use an effective repellent that will keep them away from your home. Here are some ideas for the same.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018
Raccoon Reaching Up
A raccoon is that cute-faced little menace that will enter your home, make a mess of it, lurk around as you clean up, and get back making the minute dusk falls. Seeing them, you have an 'Awww!' moment, that stops you from thinking straight for a while.
Wild Raccoon Looks Up
But before you know it, they'll be gone and you'll have a yard and a home full of mayhem to clear. Many wonder what can be done to send raccoons away and keep them from returning. Here are some ideas on how to get rid of them, along with some probable raccoon repellents.
Raccoons are creatures of night. You probably guessed that, because you see the mess once you're up from sleep. There are certain things to do to keep them away and some possible repellents to use to ensure that they do not return. Here are few measures to take for a home and yard free of raccoons.
Keep the Trash Hidden
Organic waste
The only thing they look for, all the time, is food. This is one of the well-established raccoon facts. They look in all places for something to eat. They are not really picky eaters, so they'll consume anything they find, trash being their favorite.
Plastic bin
So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of whatever attracts them to the yard or your home firstly. So, all the trash that you take out, bag and re-bag it. Tie it securely, and put it in a bin with a heavy lid, so that it does not smell and attract them and even if it does, they cannot remove the lid and take out the trash.
Spicy Deterrent
Many reviews will tell you that there is no such thing as a real raccoon repellent. If you've tried it all from sounds to other tactics, then you might as well try this one too.
All you need is some really spicy sauce (tabasco or chilly), a gallon of water, and some regular detergent soap. Mix all the ingredients to prepare a spray. Put it in a spray can and spray it all around your garden. They cannot stand the smell, so they won't even get past the plants.
Hot Pepper Repellent
Here is another natural repellent that you can try out. Get yourself a chopped JalapeƱo pepper, a chopped onion (yellow), and a tbsp. of cayenne pepper. Add these three to 8 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Once it cools down, strain the liquid to remove the chunks of the peppers. Fill it in a spray can and spray away.
Granular Repellent
There are quite a few granular raccoon repellents available at pest-control outlets, which just have to be dusted around the area. They are made of ammonia or predator urine. Raccoons sense the presence of their predators through the scent of the urine. And so, when they smell the granules, they mistake it for the predator and steer clear of that area.
Trapping them is also another option, but you need to make sure that once you let them go, they do not return. Following the aforementioned ideas might prove beneficial for that. If you still can't seem to keep them away, then call in the experts for some professional help.