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Purple Tulips

All the Prettiest Things About Purple Tulips

Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty and nobility. Read the following article and find out more about them.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Surely, tulips must be the world's third most popular flowers for a reason! Tulips belong to the flower genus tulipa and the family Liliaceae. These perennial bulbous plants are native to Southern Europe, Northwest China, North America, and Iran and many parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Commercial cultivation of tulips began in the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. Basically, tulips are indigenous to mountainous and temperate parts of the world. They are available in numerous varieties and colors. Among them, passionate purple tulips are really popular. Keep reading the following article and find out what does a specific colored tulip symbolize and also get a few planting tips.
Meaning of Purple Tulips
Different flower colors are associated with different meanings on the basis of beliefs and human emotions. Purple tulips are alluded in the Shakespearean play 'Hamlet', wherein, Ophelia speaks in her monologue about the color purple and how is it related to nobility. Purple is often referred to as a symbol of royalty, power, luxury, and serenity. It is also a symbol of romance and exuberance. It is the reason why most of the time, brides choose them as wedding flowers for the centerpiece, bridal bouquet, and other wedding flower arrangements. They come in different varieties, the most popular of them being, Triumph, Purple Star, and Claudia purple tulips, each having a different hue of purple and a different blooming season.
Types of Purple Tulips
They are also available in varieties like Single Late, Lily flowered, Parrot, and Fringed purple tulips. All these varieties look great when you use them in flower beds, bouquets, cut flowers, or garden borders. Here are some of the most popular varieties of tulips in purple color:
  • Arabian Mystery: Violet flowers with white edge
  • Attila: Purplish violet colored flowers
  • Barcelona: Fuschia purple colored flowers
  • Blue Champion: Magnolia purple colored flowers
  • Blue Ribbon: Lilac to purple colored flowers
  • Dreaming Maid: Violet flowers with white edge
  • Early Glory: Fuschia purple colored flowers
  • Negrita: Deep blue to dark violet colored flowers
  • Passionale: Dark purple colored flowers
  • Prince Charles: Purple and violet colored flowers
  • Purple Prince: Bright purple colored flowers
  • Recreado: Deep purple flowers with delicate violet purple flame
  • Sjakamaro: Deep purple colored flowers
Gardening Tips
Rather than buying them, you can plant tulip bulbs in your flower garden. It is advised that you plant the bulbs during fall. Don't add manure or compost at the time of plantation as this may cause the tulip bulbs to rot. Make sure that you plant them in a dig, which is at least twice in size as their diameter.
Purple tulips, when planted with white and yellow tulips, create a beautiful landscape design when they bloom. However, since tulips are perennial, you need to combine them with some beautiful biennial plants, so that they can fill in the space that tulips leave, once their bloom fades away.
Tulip, Tulipa 'Passionale'
Tulip flower field.
Tulip Attila 'Purple Triumph'
The violet Tulip,This is a Triumph Tulip
Purple Tulips