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Purple Fall Flowers That are a Treat for the Eyes

Loveleena Rajeev Oct 28, 2018
Enjoy the transition from summer into winters with an interesting collection of purple fall flowers, which I am about to bring to life through this article.
When the warm summer months begin to fade, and the long days start to shorten, we know winter is arriving. But before the chilly winter wind begins to blow, comes the fall, also known as autumn. Fall is also associated with harvest, and its mention can be found in countless number of poems, ballads, and prose.
The months of this weather depend upon which hemisphere one lives in: Northern hemisphere - September to November, and Southern hemisphere - March to May. Some variations in the date are quite possible, as the climatic conditions vary every year.
As bright sunny days begin to fade way early, nature has found an excellent way to ensure that the landscape stays sprayed with warm colors, with rich hues of purple. This is one color that stands out like a riot in any garden, be it a flower or foliage. It demands attention, and gets it too. It provide depth and contrast, at the same time.

List of Flowers

The color purple is associated with ceremony, royalty, pride, and success. Flowers of this color add depth and richness to ceremonies, they were (still are) widely used in weddings and coronations. This strong color provokes admiration and is popularly used in wedding bouquets and decorations. If you want to add warmth to your autumn, this is your color.


Hydrangea are popular ones in the fall, with a hundred tiny blooms that cluster together to give the appearance of a really big flower. They grow on large rounded shrubs, and their bright, fresh hues make for pretty sight.

Calla Lily

It looks exotic and delicate at the same time. Although it is more expensive as compared to other fall clusters, their dark hues of will add the element of dark romanticism to your wedding celebrations.


An expression of love and devotion, all ceremonies are incomplete without the resplendent rose.
One can find roses in shades of deep burgundy to cool coals and lavender, to the soothing lilac. Each hue of this lovely color will add a classic touch to a centerpiece decoration or your garden.


The singular, delicately-arranged petals with a yellow center of an aster, when grouped together can enliven even the darkest corner.
There are many new cultivars one can choose to for an arrangement or growing. A raised garden bed of such asters makes for an interesting ground cover when grown with a few delicate pinks.


It is sturdy and daisy like, and it radiates warmth when grown or grouped in clusters. The addition of pale shading in this same color gives it a delicate and light appeal. Mix and match with yellows or whites, or stand them alone to get that right look.


Although it usually grows in spring, some cultivars are available with reputed florists as a part of the fall collection. There are very few vines that can match an iris in intensity and depth when it comes to color.


They are three-petaled and deep, and work as an excellent filler for large arrangements.
Mostly grown in clusters, they are inexpensive and easily available. There are quite a number of buds on one stem, that is quite helpful in arrangements that require prolonged flowering.


They signify dignity, elegance, and good taste. Their vibrant hues make them an excellent choice for spring, summer, and fall weddings.


The word means sweetness, innocence, and trust. It will accent any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece, or floral arrangement perfectly.


They add a cooling touch to the garden. Their beautiful lavender tone oozes fragrance and freshness. They pair well with blues and pinks, as well as soft yellows and pastel oranges.


They have different types, like Cattleya, Dendrobiums, Vanda, and Moth. They are valued for their exotic appearance and delicate beauty. They symbolize love, beauty, and wealth.


They are beloved choice for weddings. Anemones embody a royal presence when used in wedding bouquets or bridal party flower arrangements, and even boutonnieres.
All it takes to add warmth and depth either in your garden or floral arrangement is purple flowers, fall leaves, vines, and shrubs.