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Get to Know the Privacy Fence Styles You Can Opt For

Mamta Mule Apr 29, 2019
Here are some privacy fence styles that you can opt for if you want to block the view of your interiors. With these you can keep the outside world from disturbing the privacy of your home.
Fed up of peeping neighbors? Want to have privacy in your lawn? While your house might have a designer fence that serves the purpose of exterior beautification and safety, it might miss out on the privacy element!
Fencing is a structure that defines boundary of your property. However, the one that helps you enjoy the space in the anyway you want, is an ideal fence. If you are searching for something similar, then 'privacy fence' is the answer. With panels, you can instantly block the view of your interiors and enjoy 'your space'.
Privacy fences are designed in such a way that ensures complete privacy along with security and beautification. The right colors, staining, and other designer elements if used rightly can play up the dull looks.

Solid Fence

A solid fence, as the name suggest offers complete privacy. The panels or slats are installed against each other, with no gap in between, hence completely blocking the view. You can opt for one of various styles for this purpose.
There are two types of cedar fences, one in which the slats are installed vertically and in another the slats are placed horizontal, one over another.
In case of horizontal placement, single wide vertical slats or posts are installed at certain intervals for support. If you are having a solid fence of vertical slats, adding posts in between is a good idea. This will add style to the simple design.
You can also add horizontal slats at the top and bottom end of these to give it a classy touch. This is known as capped style. You can also consider concrete for complete privacy. Though rarely used, this remains the best option in terms of security, looks, and privacy.
You can also opt for one of vinyl. Using this you can have a fence that looks very similar to a wooden one. Having the slats placed in a slanting pattern between the posts can create a designer style which will beautify the exterior view.

Hybrid Fence

If you want to have something really decorative that also maintains privacy, a hybrid fence is the thing. Hybrid fencing, as the name suggests consists of two types of fencing styles used in one border. Go for a solid wood fence and add semi-privacy design above it.
Make sure you have the right height for a solid one in any case. While adding designer or semi-privacy options, remember that it must start above the height of an average person. You can add lattice or bamboo at the top. Also, having vinyl slats installed in a crisscross pattern above the base looks great.
You can go for a vinyl basket weave that looks extremely elegant when painted in a white color and add capped borders to it. Adding semi-privacy arches to the straight fence is a good idea. You can have various decorative patterns done above this to have a designer hybrid fence ready.
Remember that these styles are just a small part of the available options. For example, you can also have scalloped or tapering top edges. Having cathedral or stepped edges is also a good idea.
Having the slats in straight, dog ear, or Gothic style are some of the many options. Also adding designer posts can play up the simple fencing. A complimenting gate will give a finishing touch.
The options are numerous, all you need to do is plan and decide what exactly you need. Then you can start exploring the options available and get the best out of it to create your private space.