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Types of Privacy Fence Gates

Mamta Mule Oct 7, 2018
Privacy fence gates are the best options to complement privacy fence lines. With numerous varieties in these you can have a decorative gate along with the privacy factor. Take a look at the different types and their advantages and disadvantages.
Border fences can add a classic look to your house. With a great looking line, the entrance gate is an element which you can't ignore. A gate needs to be designed in the best possible way as it is the first thing that anyone entering your place will notice.
With a well designed gate, your fence will look well-defined and your exteriors will get a perfect boundary line. These are very popular as these block your area from public view.
There are a number of designs which can be used to add a border fence to your house. With these, a complementing privacy fence gate is also essential, right? Here are some of the best designs which you can have for your entrance.

Solid Gate

A solid gate offers you complete privacy by keeping no gap between the panels. You can have a solid wood gate with panels fixed against each other, leaving no space in between. You can also opt for a solid bamboo option in case you have bamboo fencing.
For those who have opted for a decorative picket fence design, adding a closed picket style gate with lattice panels placed against each other is a great idea. With lattice panels, you can have a decorative fence, while simultaneously obtaining the needed privacy.
In case you have two swing gates, instead of having the top border in a straight line, have it slanting towards the edges to create a decorative look.

Hybrid Gate

If you don't want to have a simple solid gate, hybrid installation is a stylish alternative. This is a mix of solid and designer gates. This will be made of solid wood or any of the mentioned options, like bamboo or lattice, which will maintain the privacy feature and further be extended above with a decorative pattern.
The decorative pattern can span up to 20 inches or more above the base and will consist of slates arranged in a crisscross pattern. Apart from the crisscross pattern, you can simply have a picket panel style used above the solid base with dog ear shaped decorative ends. You can give it an arched or concave shape as well.

Cantilever Gate

Another idea is to have a cantilever or sliding gate. If you have installed wrought iron or aluminum borders, you can have a complementing cantilever gate made in the same material. In case you have installed wooden fences, you can have a wooden cantilever gate.
The design can be just like the solid one with an added sliding mechanism for opening and closing it. You can consider various styles and design options in aluminum and wrought iron as well, which are quite sturdy.

Semi-private Gate

If complete privacy is not what you are looking for in the design, you can consider adding an elegant looking entrance. Moreover, if you have a vinyl fence, this is the best option to consider.
A vinyl basket weave design will look extremely beautiful. With a complete white color covering its surface, this design offers semi-privacy. The thin gaps give a dramatic look to the design, making it a favorite of many.
So, along with the best fence styles, you can also have one of the aforementioned designs to get a complete package ready to grace your exteriors. Adding cool lamp posts with decorative light fixtures will help you highlight the gate. All the best!