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Great Ideas for Privacy Fence Designs

Abhijit Naik Nov 05, 2018
Privacy fences help to keep those prying eyes off your property and ensure that you spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Also, if chosen wisely, they will add to the landscape.

How Much is Too Much?

In most jurisdictions, privacy fences cannot be taller than 4 ft in the front yard and 6 ft in the backyard. Do check what the law says for your area of residence.
Fencing has of late become an integral component of urban as well as suburban homes. As for a privacy fence, it serves dual purpose. On one hand, like a typical fence, it provides security and demarcates your property. 
On the other, it protects your privacy by preventing people from seeing what's happening on your property and in your life. That it adds to the beauty of the landscape and that too, without compromising on privacy makes privacy fencing quite popular.
While choosing a fence design, regardless of type, you need to consider why you are opting for fencing in the first place. If privacy is the reason, you get to choose from privacy and semi-privacy designs.
The two differ from each other with respect to the spacing between two planks of wood in the fence. While privacy fencing lacks space in between the frames, semi-privacy variant has limited spacing, which, in turn, gives a restricted view of the property. Besides purpose, the design to opt for will largely depend on your budget.

Privacy Fence Designs

Once you have decided what you want, there is no dearth of designs to choose from. If, for instance, you want privacy without total walling of the property, you can opt for shadow box fencing.

Box shadow fencing

Pickets being nailed into the frames in box shadow fencing type. In this variant of privacy fencing, three frames of wood are attached to the posts: one near the ground, one at the top, and one in the middle.
Then fence pickets are attached to the outer side of the fence, either by fastening or nailing them into the horizontal frames. Whilst attaching them, some space is left between two pickets; ideally, equal to half the size of picket width.

Next, pickets are attached to the inner side in such a manner that the spaces left between pickets on the outer side are covered by them. In the end, all the spaces on the outer side of the fence will be covered by pickets on the inner side, and all the spaces on the inner side will be covered by pickets on the outer side.
The best thing about shadow box fencing is that it is presentable on either sides and thus, an apt addition to your landscape.

Stockade fencing

In stockade fence, no space is left between pickets. In the stockade fence design, the solid stockade panels of the fence are supported by horizontal support frames. 
As the main purpose of constructing a stockade fence is privacy, no space is left in between the vertical panels. If deemed necessary, an extra frame is nailed on to the front side of the fence. If it is made of whitewood, it is possible to paint the stockade fence to match your house and property.
Other popular designs include the ones that incorporate specific frameworks in the privacy fence and add to its aesthetic appeal.
This privacy fence design incorporates latticework, i.e., ornamental design made of strips of wood, to the otherwise simple privacy fence.
In this particular privacy fence type, a top rail is attached to the structure.

Concrete Fencing

Though it is not so popular, concrete fencing is a reliable variant of fencing―especially when it comes to secure fencing. In most of the wooden fencing techniques, concrete is either used to manufacture posts or to stabilize them in the ground. 
In some cases though, concrete walls itself are built as protective barriers. These walls are strong enough to ensure protection from weather as well as stray animals, and―more importantly―prying eyeballs.
The durability of a concrete wall is its main strength. That you can mold it in the design you prefer, also works in its favor.
Durable it definitely is, but it might be illegal to construct a concrete wall in your region. Some jurisdictions only allow the use of wood for building privacy fence. Interestingly, some jurisdictions allow you to construct a privacy fence up to a certain height and add a temporary extension to it.

A Pictorial On How Privacy Fences Can Add To The Grace Of Your Property

These privacy fences will allow you to create a peaceful atmosphere in your property, away from unpleasant stares and prying eyes, wherein you can retire after a tedious day's work. What if your local authorities restrict the height of your privacy fence, you ask? Well, you do have the option of extending the barrier with plants.