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Privacy Fence Designs to Escape the Attention of Unwanted Eyes

Privacy Fence Designs
There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration before installing a fence in and around your property. This Gardenerdy post will help you focus on some wonderful design ideas that you can select to suit your requirements.
Pragya T
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
Homeowners today have many choices when it comes to privacy fences. But even with an abundance in choices, whenever you are about to a style or design, it is important that the fence is meeting your needs.
So, to help you find the right design and style, we have compiled some wonderful ideas for you to choose from. Go over each of our suggestions carefully and figure out if any of these styles matches your needs for a fence.
Factors to Keep in Mind
Before you get to enjoy the ambiance created by the fence, you need to make some serious decisions.
  1. Pick the right fence for your needs.
  2. Pick the right materials for your fence.
  3. Choose to hire a professional or install it yourself.
Installing a fence is no easy task. Apart from being able to know how the process works, you also need to be aware of the laws regarding putting up a fence around your property (regulated height, material, fence grade, style, and finish). So, do proper research, pick the right material for the fence, and undertake the task accordingly. But until then, here are some design options you can choose from.
Design Ideas for Privacy Fence
white wood privacy fence
white wood privacy fence
white wood privacy fence
Vinyl Privacy
Vinyl Privacy fence
Vinyl fences have gained a lot of popularity, because they are very durable fences, which provide good privacy. Vinyl fences are generally 6 feet tall, and come in different varieties. If you want to block a view then these are the best solution. These fences are made with polyvinyl chloride, which is a durable material used for constructing these fences. They are highly sturdy and long-lasting. However, these fences can look dull, so you can consider painting the vinyl fences to add visual appeal.
Bamboo Framed Fence
Bamboo Framed Fence
Frame bamboo fence designs are eco-friendly and affordable choices. These fences blend naturally with a backyard fence, due to the visually beautiful bamboo appearance. Air can circulate through and under the bamboo. These fences are easy to install. For this fence, the frame and post construction make it convenient to install with a single shovel, drill, hand saw and two inch deck screws.
Picket Wood Fence
Picket Wood Fence
These are traditional fence designs. White pickets fence are available in many designs, and you can order a design of the fence you like the most. Picket fence designs are low on maintenance fences, and can come in vinyl and cellular PVC material as well. These are durable and decorative fences, which keep small children and pets inside.
Red Cedar Fence
Red Cedar Fence
These fences have a light reddish cast when first cut and age to a soft silver, till you paint or stain the wood. These are affordable fence types, but you need to restain these fences every two to three years. If you want to decorate these fences more, then scallop the top of each section and add open air trellis for a visual texture. This will also allow some air inside. This is an eco-friendly fence which is rot and bug resistant.
Lattice & Board Fence Designs
Board Fence Designs
The lattice and board fences are resistant to harsh winds and allow some light and air in. These fences give your yard a feel of grape arbor, and provide a visual accent while providing privacy. Construct your lattice and board fence using cedar wood, this will make it rot and insect resistant, and lasting for years. To make the job easier, you can find a manufacturer that makes ready-made panels, so you don't have to go on setting up individual board and lattice.
Simulated Rock Fence Designs
This type of fencing is made using durable polyethylene. It comes in six different colors, and the top and bottom rails and the posts are reinforced with galvanized steel. This fence is a good choice if you are looking for a fence, which dampens sound. This fence also keeps pets away from your property, and prevents light and air from entering. These fencesare rot resistant and blend nicely with backyard scenery.
Split Rail Fence Designs
Split Rail Fence
If you want to enjoy the view of the outdoors, and still want to build a fence which keeps children and pets inside, then consider split rail fencing. These are popular choices of fences among homeowners who want a rustic look. These fences work good for uneven or rocky ground.
So, pick the type of fence which suit your property and meet your needs. With a good ornamental design or painted fence, you can get privacy and a visually appealing fence.
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