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Pressure Washer Pump Parts

Pressure Washer Pump Parts

Pressure washers are highly convenient for outdoor use as they aid you in washing difficult-to-reach areas like under the roof railing, crevices in walls, etc. They can also be used for washing cars, windows, fences, pavements, etc. Given in this Gardenerdy article is an elaboration on the parts that constitute a pressure washer.
Gardenerdy Staff
Pressure washer pumps remove dust, sludge, mud, grime, etc. from the farthest of corners, and are also convenient for outdoor walls, windows, cars, trucks, roofs, railings, etc. They expel water at a high pressure which helps make the cleaning process quicker and easy.

The Types
  • Gasoline pump
  • Diesel pump
  • Electric pump
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Cold water pump
  • Hot water pump.
The Parts
  • Motor: This is the most important part of the pressure water pump, and it is attached to the power supply. The pressure is built up by the engine by compressing the water.
  • High Pressure Washer Hose: The hose is a hollow tube, which is often flexible. The water that is pumped by the engine is sprayed by the pressure washer hose in short jets or in a continuous spray. The pressure of the water is dependent on the power of the pump. In winter, the water in the hose and pump causes them to expand, which leads to the bursting of these parts.
  • Hose Reel: It is made either of plastic, metal, or fiberglass. The hose reel is a cylindrical spindle which is used to store the hose pipe. They are available in freestanding or wall mount designs. The hose reel ensures that the hose remains tangle-free, and also protected from damage. The best advantage of this part is that it will keep your garden organized.
  • Nozzle: The nozzle angle is used to adjust water pressure. If you want the highest pressure, you will have to adjust the nozzle angle to the smallest degree. When cleaning larger areas, the angle should be adjusted to 40ยบ. This is especially useful while cleaning the exterior walls, which have a larger surface area.
  • Detergent Injector: The detergent is mixed evenly with water through the detergent injector.
  • Unloader: This is an important part of a pressure water pump. It is a protective device which is used to relieve the water pressure present within the pump.
  • Valve: The valve is a flow-regulating device which opens, closes, or fractionally restricts the water passage. It is usually a part of the pipe fitting.
  • Pressure Washer Gun: This part comes with a quick connect feature which is convenient to use. The soft grip handles enable comfortable usage. Most handles available in the market have a lock-off feature, which prevents unintentional use.
To maintain the health of your pressure water pump, oil the parts regularly. With the onset of winter, drain all the water from the pump. Use an antifreeze so that water droplets do not cause it to break down.

Pressure Washer Repair

Repairing this machine is easy. The nozzle and valves can get clogged with calcium deposits if you are using hard water. If these parts are clogged, they will have to be cleaned out, or replaced if the damage is too great. If the motor breaks down over a period of time, it is a cheaper option to replace it totally. Take care that the horsepower of the new one matches that of the old motor. Most of the parts come with warranty. It is advisable to buy parts with maximum warranty. In case of a breakdown, these parts are available at hardware stores or can also be bought over the Internet.
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