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Potted Tulips

Your Guide to Buying, Planting, And Caring for Potted Tulips

Potted tulips are great indoor plants to keep. Read this article to know how you can take care of these lovely plants.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Potted plants always liven up the d├ęcor of a home. They bring a sense of freshness and beauty that even the best decorating efforts may not be able to match. It can also have a therapeutic effect, bringing you a sense of calm. And among potted plants, tulips definitely take the cake in being the most gorgeous ones. Having potted tulips inside your house can add color to a plain corner, or when kept on a window sill, can look lovely, swaying in the gentle breeze! And the best part is, there are so many types of tulips that you can choose from. I've jotted down some ways in which you can take good care of them, should you choose to keep one.
Buying Potted Tulips
  • Buy a plant at its earliest stage of growth.
  • You must relish the joy of watching the plants grow and bloom.
  • The plant should have healthy green leaves.
  • If there are a few dried and yellow leaves, then either remove them or select another plant.
  • If there are any buds on the plant that you're buying, make sure that they are almost completely closed. This ensures that when you plant them, you'll still have enough time for them to bloom into full-fledged blossoms.
Planting Potted Tulip Bulbs
Now, let us see what is the process of planting tulip bulbs. Follow the steps given below.
  • Get a pretty terra cotta pot with a drainage hole at the bottom to collect the excess water.
  • Now, fill the pot with a little sandy soil. Say, about 1-2 cms should be enough.
  • Then, place the bulbs in the soil.
  • Cover them with another layer of soil.
  • Mulching the soil enables the bulbs to develop into healthy plants which will give you pretty blossoms in return.
  • To further enhance the growth of the plant, you can also use water-soluble fertilizers.
Caring for Potted Tulips
  • After potting, place the pot in a place which receives partial but bright sunlight. For instance, it could be a window that has a shade on it.
  • The best soil that you can use to plant the tulips, as mentioned above, is sandy soil. Sandy soil facilitates effective drainage.
  • Since you're using soil that's giving good drainage, it is obvious that the plant requires a lot of water. Water the new plant every alternate day. Ensure that the soil remains moist at all times.
  • Tulips are hungry plants. They require a lot of water, bright but partial sunlight, and probably even some plant food if you can offer them.
Another thing to be kept in mind about potted tulips is that these days, almost all nurseries are opting for the hybrid annual varieties, rather than the original perennial ones. As a result, the flowers are definitely bigger and prettier, but they bloom just once a year, around spring time, as opposed to the year round nature of the plain variety. So, you'll be rewarded with the flowers just once after you plant them. So make the most of this flowering plant while you can!
Potted Tulips
Bulbs-ready to plant
Tulip Pot