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Pool Liner Repair Tips to Maintain Your Pool Like a Pro

Amruta Deshpande Jun 30, 2019
Having a pool at home can be a wonderful thing, but you should also be aware of the maintenance that comes along with it. Further, we give you information on pool liners, and how to repair them.
How about a quick dive into a swimming pool after a long day at work? The thought itself is so refreshing! Relaxing in your own swimming pool, in your home or backyard, can be such a luxury. But it is not all that easy to maintain a personal pool.
There is a lot of work needed to ensure safety and cleanliness of the pool. Pools with vinyl liners are a popular choice among homeowners, as they are inexpensive and the cost of maintenance is relatively less. However, fluctuations in temperature can cause the liner to stretch and pop at certain spots. The liner is also prone to leak.

How to Repair Pool Liners

Repair options depend on the exact problem. The liner may have cracked at some place, it may have sprung a leak, or the liner bead may be coming out of track. Here are some common problems associated with the pool liners, and some easy ways to fix them yourself. 

Leaking Liner

Although liners are relatively thick and can resist punctures, a leak in the liner is a common problems faced by pool owners. The need to add water constantly to the pool is an indicator that your pool has a leak. The good news is that small leaks can be easily fixed by applying a patch with the help of a liner repair kit. This is how to go about it.
Look for the source of the leak. You might need to apply a wet patch if the leak is located underwater. Mark the possible leak sites. To confirm the exact location of the leak, turn the filter off and squirt some dye or food color near the marked sites. If the colored water is drawn towards it, you are successful in locating the leak.
Once you have found the source of the leak, cover the leak immediately with a patch material, piece of inner tube or heavy plastic. The pressure of the water will keep it secured in place. Now, cut a patch from the piece of colored liner contained in the liner repair kit.
Using sandpaper, rough up the back surface of the patch. Coat the patch with plastic cement thoroughly and replace the temporary patch on the hole. Smooth out the surface to remove any air bubbles and leave the cement to set.

Off Track Liner Bead

The pool liner is supposed to fit exactly in the pool. However, sometimes, if the pool is constructed using a wrong size liner, or if the liner is installed off-center, there are chances of the liner bead popping off from the side. This can be fixed easily with the help of a hot gun or blow dryer.
You could also treat this problem by applying boiling water instead of using a blow dryer. The pool has to be drained completely before beginning the repair. When the pool is empty, dry it well with a towel. Now, using a hot gun or blow dryer, heat the vinyl liner. The trick is to heat the liner so that it can be stretched back and locked into the track.
Do not focus the heat in a particular area as it may melt completely to create a hole through it. Just heat the vinyl so that it becomes pliable enough to be stretched. Once the liner is stretched, insert it back in the track and use a liner lock to prevent it from going off track again.

Discolored Liner

Although this is not something that can harm your pool, it can give your pool a dated and weathered look. Discoloration of the liner occurs due to its constant exposure to the sun. There is no possible way to fix this problem other than going for a replacement.
However, you can take certain preventive measures to avoid this type of discoloration. The best way to do so is by limiting the use of chemicals in the water. You could also get a pool cover that helps protect your pool from the effects of the sun, when it is not in use.
If you are not the DIY types, you could always get your pool liner fixed by shelling out some money as the repair cost is not very high.