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How to Carry Out Pool Liner Installation in 5 Simple Steps

Suketu Mehta Nov 20, 2018
A pool liner helps to maintain the pool by ensuring there are no leakages in it. Here are the installation instructions for the same.
Although having a swimming pool in your house is a luxury, it takes some effort to maintain it. In an above-the-ground pool, a pool liner is installed to ensure that the water stays inside and there is no unnecessary leakage.
Vinyl pool liners are the most popular choice among people having a swimming pool at home. To ensure that it lasts for a longer time, care should be taken to maintain the optimum chemical levels in the pool so that no debris accumulates along the liner. However, when it rips or tears, or is past its effective life, it is best to replace it with a new one.
Calling a professional to install the liner, along with its high cost and the professional's fees turns out to be a costly affair. You can install it by yourself as it is not very difficult. The steps are given ahead.

Installation Process

Surface Preparation

  • Using a hose, a filtration system, or a pump, drain the pool completely.
  • In case there is any obstruction along the liner area, clear it out.
  • All gaskets and face plates inside the pool need to be removed. Check if there are any cracks or signs of wear and tear on them, and replace them if necessary.
  • Disassemble the entire top end of the pool by removing the seat clamps, rail, top plates, and ledges.
  • With the help of a knife, cut the old liner into small pieces so that you can remove it easily.
  • Ensure that the surface of the pool base is even. If not, even it out with some masonry sand.
  • Remove the old duct tape that is stuck on the wall bolt seam, and replace it with a new one.
  • Finally, sweep the pool area clear of any debris, rocks, or pebbles before you start with the installation process.

Instructions and Steps

Step 1

All around the bottom of the pool, place an earth mound which will prevent the liner from coming in contact with the metal frame. Smooth it out, and remove any pebbles or small rock particles from it.

Step 2

Spread out the liner on the surface of the pool. Lay it out in such a manner that it touches the earth mound, the walls, and the ground as well. Avoid laying it too taut, as this could result in formation of air space between the liner and the mound. This also increases its chances of tearing when put to use.

Step 3

After the liner has been laid, there will be some extra portion remaining. This should be draped over the edges on the sides of the pool.

Step 4

If you notice any wrinkles in it, leave them as they are. You can smooth these out even after the pool is filled with water. Some of these even out on their own as the pool begins filling up. Also, leaving the wrinkles as they are will permit some amount of extra space to the liner if it shrinks with time.

Step 5

Start filling water into the pool. Refer to the manual provided by the swimming pool manufacturer to determine the correct fill line. While the water is being filled, check the liner as it should not be stretched out too much. Once the pool has 12 inches of water in it, you are in a good position to understand whether the liner is fixed properly or not.

Step 6

Fix the liner to the inner edges of the pool with clamps. Secure it to the sides with the help of the clamps that came along with your pool, once it is completely filled up.
You can follow these easy instructions and do the job yourself. This will help you save some money. However, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, it is best to call a professional for the same.