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Pool Leak Repair

Rahul Thadani Dec 1, 2018
A leaking pool can cause many complications and extremely high bills. It's important to get to the bottom of the problem immediately, and there are many professionals who offer expertise in repairing leaks.
If you have a swimming pool that you suspect is leaking, then it's time for you to do something about this and try some means of swimming pool leak repair. A leaking pool is obviously no good, and it can be a major problem for some, so it needs to be repaired, as soon as possible.
Now it is not easy to detect a leak in a pool, as there are many other reasons why the water level may seem low, namely, evaporation and splashing. Even a small leak can result in the loss of a lot of water, not to mention chemical problems, and damage to the mechanical and structural working of your pool.
Pools are supposed to be leak proof, so if you are adding more than 2 inches of water per week, then maybe it needs some repair. These leaks are mostly caused due to deterioration and wearing out and most times, there is no prevention. The best you can do is get the best leak repair possible.
Most pool leaks can be fixed at a cheap cost, so do not hesitate to call on a professional for help. If you have dealt with these kinds of things before and know how to repair a pool leak, you can attempt the repair work yourself.

Finding the Pool Leak

The first thing that is to be done is locate the leak in the pool. The repair can only start once the leak is located, which can be tricky, as the leak could be anywhere. For someone who is new to this, finding the leak can be a daunting task, and it is good to do it with the aid of an experienced person.
To find the leak in a pool, a proper mode of action needs to be taken, and this involves the gathering of a lot of information, and pinpointing where the leak could be.
The best way to do this is by eliminating areas where the leak could not be, so, this cannot be done without someone who knows the functioning of the pool system in detail. The leak could either be in the plumbing system of the pool, or in the structure itself, and can only be located through elimination. A pressure test can be useful in the repair process.
The process of locating the leak could take anything between 1-3 hours for a professional. Using the right equipment and the right methods is very important in this job.

Repairing Pool Leaks

Once the leak is located, the repair must start. There are several ways to do this. It primarily depends on the nature, position and size of the leak. The kind of repair work can involve something very simple, like applying vinyl patches over some cracks, to highly complex stuff like underground plumbing work or changing pool equipment.
Repairing pool leaks is usually a seasonal job, as sooner or later almost every pool develops a leak. It is important to call on a well reputed professional at a time like this, as they know everything there is to know about the pool and the potential damage to it.
Most of the work will not be expensive or time-consuming, so this is definitely a feasible option. The best pool repairmen though, will always be in demand and you will have to call them a few times before they actually show up.

Cost of Repairing Pool Leaks

Now there are a variety of factors that come into play, as far as the cost is concerned. The most obvious factor is the extent of the damage and the kind of method adopted for the repair. All the materials used for the repair are chargeable. The next most important thing is the size of the pool and the neighborhood in which it is located.
Affluent localities would obviously have to shell out a higher amount. With all these things taken into consideration, the cost for repairing a leaking pool could be anything between USD 300 - USD 5,000 for the entire procedure.
Pool leak repair is a necessary expense which needs to be undertaken, no matter what the cost may be. The pool can get seriously damaged if this problem is ignored, and the water bills can also run really high. In the long run, the amount shelled out for repairing a leak is worth it, as it means you can end up saving a lot of dollars for future repairs.