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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Scholasticus K Jul 7, 2019
While resurfacing a pool deck can make this outdoor space look more attractive, using a durable coating will ensure that it stays that way for a long time. This write-up provides options for surface coatings or finishes.
The deck of the swimming pool is subject to maximum wear and tear. It is subjected to many natural weathering elements such as the sun, rain, wind, etc. Whenever the swimming pool is used, the water that splashes out also causes the surface of the deck to erode or fade.
In order to give it a new look, all you need to do is clean the surface, fix the damaged areas, and apply a surface coating. One must note that during the process of resurfacing, the foundations of the pool and its deck should not be disturbed.

Options for Resurfacing the Pool Deck

The type of finish should be decided on the basis of the type of pool. For instance, tile or concrete decks are better suited for in-ground pools, whereas wooden decks are suitable for above-ground pools.

Stone Finish

Stone finish is a convenient option due to its durability. It is done by embedding large stones finely cut into a layer of concrete. This deck resurfacing looks good and it's main advantage is that it provides natural friction making it slip-proof.

Stamped Concrete Finish

Stamped concrete is widely used resurfacing as it is very easy to carry out this process. This is similar to the stone finish but not having the same charm, friction and comfort. The demerit of stamp concrete finish is it's high cost of repair or replacement.

Wooden Finish

The most expensive option is the wooden finish which is also very expensive to repair and requires a lot of care. Installing and maintaining such a deck requires a rather huge budget. The wooden deck provides a very good amount of friction and is also slip proof.

Brick and Tile Finish

The brick and tile finish is a very good and cheap option. This surface is very durable and can also be repaired easily.
Stamped, stained, scored, and textured concrete finishes can certainly beautify the pool deck. Before resurfacing, one must remember, that any kind of surface requires a lot of care. Keep in mind the pros and cons of all the surfaces when you choose the design plans. Keeping the surface clean will certainly ensure durability.