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Unique Pool Deck Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Dec 3, 2018
On a hot summer's afternoon, what's the best thing that you can do? Take a swim in the backyard pool and then relax on the pool deck. Take a look at these pool deck ideas mentioned here, which are stylish as well as comfortable.
When you have a backyard to your home, one of the most necessary things to be accommodated is a swimming pool. There are many ways you can build the pool and the deck around it. If you have a pool large enough to accommodate even four people at a time, you will need a deck around it. These decks are meant for seating purposes and as party areas.
You can construct wooden, concrete, above ground, and in-ground decks. No matter what the material used for construction is, they look very presentable and classy around blurry pool. If you're thinking of building a pool in the backyard or want to redo the deck, here are some fantastic ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Concrete Deck

Most of the decks are made of concrete as they look very symmetrical and organized. They normally are characterized by a three foot concrete deck around the perimeter of the pool. Sometimes it depends on the total area of the pool.
The shapes and sizes here can be flexible, and creative ideas can be used. This gives the freedom to use innovative ideas around the pool like having an open bar, or a Jacuzzi. You can also construct a landscape around the pool or the deck area to make the entire deck look very elegant and pretty.

Wooden Deck

These are the most economical choices for a pool deck, as they are cheap. Not only that, they also look great.
They are mostly used for above-ground pools. Wood is easier to build and shape, so pools which are above the ground level can have wooden decks to make them look attractive. They are extremely comfortable.
Another economical advantage of these decks is that you don't need to clean them or maintain them once they are polished.
Just keeping them clean and termite-free would do for the maintenance. Also, they do not need a separate landscape or a garden, you can simply keep plants around and the deck will look very attractive.

Stone Paver Deck

These are similar to the concrete decks.
The best part about these is that they don't need to be colored or finished, as the stone and brick looks are very authentic and gives a brilliant feel to the setting. These stones and bricks also come in various shapes and sizes, so you could use them to design the deck and give them a rustic look.
These paver decks are generally useful only for in-ground pools and sometimes, above ground ones (if there is a Jacuzzi). They protect the side of the deck which is water-soaked so that the stones don't erode fast.
These ideas can be used for right from tiny backyard pools to large mansion pools. You can come up with your own ideas for outdoor decorations like landscaping and choice and placement of the furniture around the pool on the deck and enjoy the summer by the poolside.